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Joanna Gaines Just Shared Photos Of Her New Baby’s Nursery, And The Internet Is Going Crazy

When Joanna and Chip Gaines hosted their HGTV show, they rose to fame and found a place in the heart of millions of Americans. Because they are a loving and likable couple, people respect them and turn to them as an example of a couple that can work well together. They prove that ability as they renovate Texan homes on a budget and do an amazing job again and again.

People have followed Chip and Joanna Gaines throughout their career. They’ve written best-selling books and built a name for themselves year after year. And they only seem to be getting more popular.

If you follow them, then you know they already have a large family. But they just welcomed a new baby into their brood. Days after the birth, Joanna shared a snap of the baby’s nursery, and the internet is going crazy.

The little one’s name is Crew. And the picture shows him cuddled in the comfort of his nursery at his parents’ Waco-area home.

As you can imagine, Joanna decorated Crew’s room. And because she was designing the nursery for her own child – and not just a client’s – she went all out. And she even got him away from his father and four siblings for the photo opportunity that has the internet fawning over him and Joanna’s design sensibilities.

Crew was born about a week ago, which was two and a half weeks early. Although he was a bit early, he is healthy and strong – as Joanna proved when she swaddled the little guy and put him down for some rest in his nursery.

Crew’s fantastic baby bouncer was designed by Paris, France’s baby outfitter Charlie Crane. While Crew has stolen the hearts of millions of fans, people are also searching for where they can purchase the same baby rocker that the Gaineses have for their infant.

You’re going to love what Joanna did with Crew’s nursery. It has a shag rug at the center – which will be perfect for the little one to crawl on when he comes of age. The white curtains offer the perfect color-contrast to the dark-wood crib.

Among all the neutral colors, Joanna placed a blue baby blanket to offer a splash of life to the scene. It is clear that Crew really is “settling in just fine” with a room as beautiful as the one Joanna designed for him.

Joanna is having fun sharing pictures of Crew on her Instagram page. She shared one with Crew cuddled up on mama, captioned with the cute phrase, “Cuddle bug.”

The Gaineses have a large family. Their eldest son is 13-year-old Drake, next comes 11-year-old Ella, followed by 9-year-old Duke, and 8-year-old Emmie. Crew is the youngest by far, and the older siblings are all excited about the new addition to their brood.

With parents who built their career on remodeling homes and sharing beautiful designs, it is no wonder that their family’s latest addition has a beautiful nursery. Crew is going to love it as he grows up to experience more parts of it.

What do you think of Joanna’s design sense?

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