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Joe Biden Calls Trump A Bully He Would “Smack In The Mouth”

As the Democratic Presidential candidates vie for the top spot, votes keep indicating that the main thing they care about is beating Donald Trump in the 2020 election. That’s why vice president Joe Biden has come out and gone right after Trump, calling him a “bully” and someone he would “smack him in the mouth” if given a chance during the 2020 election.

Because Joe Biden knows that he is the leader in the Presidential race, he wants people to see that he is the person who can beat Trump in the next general election. Instead of talking about the issues and showing his progressive sensibilities, he’s leaning on the success he had during the Obama years to propel him forward – and to talk about how much he’s going to beat Trump.

In an interview with CNN, Joe Biden said, “Trump is the bully I knew my whole life, and he’s the bully I’ve always stood up to.”

Biden then took things a bit further when he said that he’d “smack him in the mouth.”

In response, Trump said, “I don’t think I’m a bully at all.”

CNN wanted to know what Biden would do to beat Trump in the election. As he does for every question, Biden came up quickly with his plan to beat the sitting President.

He would start by “pointing out who I am and who he is and what we’re for and what he’s against.”

Biden planned not to play Trump’s game and to run his campaign “without being personal.” As you recall, Trump used name-calling against his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democratic leaders.

Biden believes that America is ready for a change. He believes that while Trump’s election was a swing in the opposite direction of what he and Obama did from 2009 to 2017, the swing went too far and people are starting to regret voting Trump into office.

“This guy is the divider-in-chief. I think the American public wants a President with some dignity who has a value set which is actually trying to restore the soul of this country.”

One pollster by the name of Evan McCullin wrote on Twitter: “Even as Trump reaches his highest approval rating (44%) and performs even better against most Democrats in this late June/early July ABC-Washington Post poll of registered voters, he still loses decisively to Joe Biden, (who is) still the only candidate uniting a majority of these voters.”

During the first Democratic Presidential debate, Senator Kamala Harris went after Vice President Joe Biden for his views on busing back during the 1970s. Biden admitted that Harris caught him off guard on the issue of race.

“I was prepared for them to come after me, but I wasn’t prepared for the person coming at me the way she came at me.”

Trump is on the attack, trying to peg Joe Biden with a slurring nickname.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden finds it funny that people misread him as being too meek.

“I don’t think I’m having trouble sparring. It’s how you want to spar,” Biden said. “This is ironic. I’ve never been accused of not being able to spar. I’ve been accused of being too aggressive.”

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