No other country in the world has handled the coronavirus pandemic as poorly as the United States. Whether that’s because we’re a country of free individuals who like to assert our independence or whether it’s because the health care system is deeply flawed will be up to the historians of tomorrow to decide. Nevertheless, the United States was slow to respond to the pandemic and still struggles to get citizens to take basic safety precautions like getting people to remain six feet apart while in public and wearing masks to help slow the spread of the highly-contagious virus.

Former vice president Joe Biden has a few words to say about what he’d do to handle the pandemic if elected president. First off, he believes the president should make wearing masks mandatory across the country. While states like Connecticut and Rhode Island made masks mandatory, the federal government has yet to issue such a proclamation. Instead, the president has left the big decisions regarding the slowing of the pandemic up to the states. And that has not worked as well as hoped as purple states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona struggle to cope with the virus number of infected people clogging their hospitals and care facilities.

Unlike President Trump, Joe Biden is not worried about being seen in public wearing a mask. Instead, he hopes “to make it required that people had to wear masks in public.” Wearing masks is a decisive action people can take to slow the spread of the virus. Requiring all Americans to wear a mask until a vaccine is created and available could help slow the spread of the virus to more at-risk Americans – many of whom are base voters of President Trump.

Although the government has been battling the COVID-19 pandemic since February, Thursday, June 25, 2020, saw the largest number of positive cases in one day – nearly 40,000. The large increase is the result of the virus spreading to states like Florida and Texas, where people have not been practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

While the disapproval rating for Trump rises in tandem with the rising number of dead Americans, Biden hopes to shock people with the scary numbers.

“The one thing that we know, these masks make a gigantic difference,” Biden also said. “I would insist that everybody in public be wearing that mask, anyone to reopen would have to make sure they walked into a business that had masks.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Biden has largely remained at home in Wilmington, Delaware. Although he’s running for President, Biden is honoring the stay-at-home order. And he is not happy with how Trump is handling the situation.

“It’s like a child who can’t believe this has happened to him. All his whining and self-pity. This pandemic didn’t happen to him. It happened to all of us. His job isn’t to whine about it. His job is to do something about it, to lead.”

Biden believes Trump let America down by not asking patriots to wear their masks.

“And I know as Americans it’s not something we’re used to, but it matters,” Biden said. “It might just be the single most effective thing we can do.”

Wear your mask to slow the spread of the coronavirus and to keep your family members safe.

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