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John Goodman Just Admitted Something Shocking About His Time On The Original Roseanne

While acting on the original Roseanne, John Goodman had a secret. And he refused to let the American public get a glimpse of it for all these years. But his TV wife, Roseanne Barr knew all about Goodman’s secret life behind the camera. And although he did a great job portraying the all-American dad Dan Conner on the hit show, in his real life Goodman was a mess. And now he has the courage to come forward and admit his mistakes. He always wants America to know that it was Roseanne who helped him through his addictions that could have ended in his untimely death.

Everyone knows that Roseanne “tells it like it is.” She’s blunt but honest. And when her friends are in trouble, she will show them the truth about what they are doing to themselves. And John Goodman was no exception. She admitted that it was “hard to watch” him throw his life away to alcoholism. And that was precisely what he was doing.

While he was filming the original show, it was Roseanne Barr who stepped in and got Goodman unhooked from the bottle.

“She was scared for me, but she was more confrontational,” Goodman explained. “She’d already had a husband go through the process.”

Although Barr was then married to TV actor Tom Arnold, she opened her heart to Goodman. And because Arnold was also a recovering alcoholic, Barr knew exactly how to handle Goodman in his vulnerable state.

Roseanne has since refused to take credit for saving Goodman’s life. She claims she did it for the show and her bottom line. But Goodman knows it meant more to her than money.

“Me and John, we have a friendship off the show, too. John has held my head when I was barfing in a bar. I drank too much, too. I still do. I didn’t give it up like John,” Barr joked.

During a rare moment when Roseanne was not joking, she revealed the darker side of Goodman’s near-fatal alcohol addiction.

“John is the funniest and deepest actor in the world. He has only gotten more open, more sweet, more expansive and giving, on-screen and off, if that were possible, since the Roseanne show.”

Goodman admitted that he was drunk for most of the episodes during the last four years of the show. And he hardly remembers even acting them.

“I was drinking at work and [Barr] was scared for me. I was ashamed of myself, but I couldn’t stop.”

Barr was horrified to watch her TV husband dying in front of her. And because he would drink “anything that was wet and of a certain proof,” she needed to step in.

Instead of letting the truth get out to the press, Roseanne stepped in to cover it up and help Goodman in secret. And Goodman was not the only one drowning during the show. Her TV daughter also had a problem.

“I was pissed at everybody,” Barr said. “Like, I found out the crew was letting Sara Gilbert smoke pot with them, and I was f–king furious over that. I called her mom. I called everybody’s mom. Lecy [Goranson] was having trouble, too. I called her parents. I’m Jewish, and I’m a mother. What do you want?”

If it wasn’t for Roseanne, Goodman might not be here today.