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Johnny Cash’s Grandson Took The Stage. I Got Chills Down My Spine When He Hit The First Note

There’s no denying that iconic singer Johnny Cash had one of the most unique voices in music history and, while some artists might have a slight Cash-esque vibe, no voice has quite matched Cash’s powerful delivery. Until now. Johnny Cash’s grandson, Thomas Gabriel, has been winning over Cash fans with impressive covers of his grandfather’s tunes. This cover of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is an excellent example of Thomas’ remarkable talent.

While it’s a traditional folk song that has been modified and covered numerous times over the years, Cash’s version appeared on the 2003 album ‘American V: A Hundred Highways.’

Cash’s grandson gave the song a spin at the Bucks Bars and Grill in Venice, Nebraska, as well as singing some of his original songs. It was this cover of Cash’s song, however, that made the audience take notice.

Thomas’ take on the song was chill-inducing from the moment he sang the first note, sounding every bit like his famous grandfather. Thomas is Johnny’s oldest grandchild and, as part of the famous family, he was understandably exposed to music at an early age.

Thomas’ website explains his background in this bio information: “Predominately raised on the road, he often dreamed of a life as a successful career musician. When he was young, his grandfather would call him onstage, to sing ‘When the Saints Go Marching In.’”

Further, his bio explains: “At 21, he was in the studio trying out his voice. Johnny would say, ‘Son, you sound a lot like I did when I was younger; work on those vocals.’ Johnny also insisted that T.G. have a back-up option, so he went to the police academy, and into police work. Life and adversity has kept him from pursuing his dreams, but he has regained control over his life, and is back in the world that holds so much potential for him.”

The site also notes: “Along with his voice that sounds so much like his grandfather’s, he brings a wealth of stories from his memories of his childhood and of growing up a member of such an iconic family.”

While Thomas doesn’t bear much resemblance to his famous grandfather, the singing genes are definitely there, with a silky beautiful voice that has that undeniable Cash sound.

Thomas told in a November 2018 interview: “I get to express myself which is very therapeutic for me, and it helps others to hear my message. At the same time I get to sing a bunch of my grandpa’s songs and show tribute to him which feels good because in life he didn’t see a whole lot of that from me.”

Among the many comments left on social media about Thomas and his musical roots were those who believed he sounds a lot like his famous grandfather. One person noted, however: “Yes, he has some of the qualities of Johnny. Needs to be in a studio to get the real effect.”

Others, such as this commenter, didn’t find Thomas’ sound simiar at all: “Sounds nothing like Johnny Cash! Just because he’s related and sings with bass doesn’t mean he sounds like his grandfather.”

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