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Judge Decides That What Instagram Model Did To Dog Is No Big Deal

While waiting in an elevator, millennial Instagram model Keevonna C’Ante Wilson, 26, started to get frustrated. Because she was with her tiny Shi Tzu-Yorkie mix, she began abusing the animal, kicking it with violent strikes. The CCTV footage that was installed in the elevator caught the millennial model stamping on the dog’s head. She got lost in her frustrations to such a level that she continued the abuses even after the elevator doors had opened up to her destination.

The incident occurred in Florida, and the judge proved that there was little justice done concerning the incident. The Instagram model and millennial superstar was sentenced to four years of probation and had to pay a $600 fine to the state.

Although the 26-year-old model was charged with felony animal cruelty once the video footage was brought to the attention of the police, she managed to get away with it. She even pleaded not guilty when the charges were first brought to her, but has since accepted a plea deal which was about as easy as a Florida sunrise is on the eyes.

The plea deal involved the Miami resident paying $600 in court fees and getting hit with probation for four years. The attack on the small dog occurred inside a Miami condominium in 2017.

On a regular basis, Wilson posts alluring snaps of herself and earns a pretty penny from advertisers and brands looking to turn to her as an “influencer.” Because her fans follow her every move, she has her 53,000 followers wrapped around her finger. Her Instagram page is called Flawless World, and online the millennial model describes herself not as such but as an aspiring actor and dancer.

Video footage of the incident is very graphic and violent. The dog, known as Chastity, was chased into the elevator by Wilson and then kicked at until it backed into the corner. Wilson then uses her foot to stamp at the animal, forcing it to cower. She doesn’t even seem to care that there could be people behind her looking in on her violent attack on the dog from the lobby.

After striking the dog a few times, Wilson pauses, collects herself, and then continues the assault. When the elevator arrives, the pair exit and Chastity runs around in circles, clearly terrified of her owner.

The attack was so terrifying that Chastity may have urinated in the elevator. The dog was taken from the owner and brought to Miami-Dade Animal Services where it received emergency care.

However, police testified that the dog had “no visible injuries” but “winced” while it was being held.

Wilson, who once referred to herself as, “The Flawless Beauty,” released a statement that said: “My foundation is to stay focus, stay hungry, and always remain humble.”

The video footage seems to fly in the face of her statement. Revealing an imperfect, ugly part of her personality that Wilson would never want to be shared on her Instagram page.

Do you think the Florida judge should have let the millennial Instagram model off so easy?

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