Judges Didn’t Expect Much From 10-Year-Old, Realize She’s A Superstar Just Seconds In (video) : AWM

Judges Didn’t Expect Much From 10-Year-Old, Realize She’s A Superstar Just Seconds In (video)

Some people are born with a natural gift that they were simply meant to do. Oftentimes when we are good at something, that talent presents itself at a very early age. A painter doesn’t just pick up a brush one day when they are an adult and magically produce a memorable mural. These talents start at a young age and if recognized, they end up being shared with the world. This goes for anyone who possesses some type of gift. It could be dancing, solving math problems or speaking publicly. When we find out what we are good at, we usually also find out that we love that specific thing and it never feels like a job to us.

When 10-year-old Daneliya Tulyeshova went on The Voice Kids Ukraine, she floored judges with her performance of Demi Lovato’s hit pop song “Stone Cold.”

As always, the show starts out with the judges’ backs facing the contestant. As soon as Demi started singing, every judge’s eyes opened wide in awe of her powerful voice. When they pressed the buzzers and turned around they were in even more awe when they realized who the powerful voice was coming from. The little girl looked so small on the massive stage but her voice echoed through the entire auditorium, making the judges rise to their feet. Her arm movements and facial expressions are in sync with the emotion of the lyrics and it’s almost strange to see something so compelling coming from someone who is so young.

The judges even look like they are in complete shock of her voice and the more she gets into the song, the more her voice seems to lift.

Evidently, this isn’t the first time that little Daneliya has been in the spotlight. At a contest held in Crimea, Russia in 2015 she was awarded the People’s Choice award after she competed and won a children’s music competition.

And while she may be young, she knows exactly what she wants to do when it comes to performing…

“When I was choosing the songs, the most important thing for me was that the song fits my voice and manner of performance … Friends inspire me to perform various songs,” she said after her contest in 2015.

It’s not surprising that commenters praised her loudly…

“O.M.G This girl is on fire, look out world what a sensational vocalist a super talent of the future! Bravo!”

“She’s got the voice of a superstar in the making.”

“A song interpreted with so much emotion… beyond her age. Amazing!”

“Pretty voice and such an angelic face. She has a powerful voice for her age. I wish you luck dear.”

Some are calling her the next Christina Aguilera.

Her voice is so strong that it’s one of those sounds that have the ability to move you to tears, and to see her on stage with such passion really makes you realize that this little girl is doing exactly what she was born to do.