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Just As Mom Of 3 Is About To Be Assaulted, Lola Steps In

Dogs love unconditionally. It’s one of the main reasons that people find them, such great companions. Whether you’ve had a good day or a bad day, your dog will be there waiting for you, probably with her tail wagging. Not even the best wives or husbands can do that – as they also have to deal with their own struggles and challenges in life.

But Lola, a small black dog, proved that she didn’t just love her owner, she was willing to risk her life to keep her safe.

As the owner of Lola, a mother of three, was approaching her home, she felt a sudden foreboding. It was as if someone was following her, stalking her. But she thought nothing of it because this was her neighborhood. But her instinct was correct.

The next thing this lovely mother knew – a man had come up behind her, cupped his hand around her mouth, and was dragging her into the shadows. Lola’s mom was just two minutes from the house. She was so close. It was unthinkable that such horror could be lurking in the shadows only a few minutes away like this.

But things quickly turned from bad to worse to terrifying. The man started to force down the mother’s pants. His intentions were obvious. He wanted to rape her.

The woman fought as hard as she could. But the man was strong and had ambushed her. She tried to scream, but her cries were muffled into the dirty palm of his hand.

While no human would have been able to hear her as she screamed for her life from the shadows, the family pet did. Lola rushed over and started growling at the attacker. However, Lola is a small dog. The would-be rapist wasn’t going to stop what he was doing unless he really had to.

He laughed at the small dog and said, “Your dog can watch.”

That’s when Lola lunged at the attacker and sunk her teeth into the man’s arm. He screamed like a coward and fled the scene.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, credits Lola for rescuing from the nightmare.

“I just can’t get my head around what has happened,” she told Belfast Live. “I have no doubt as to what his intentions were, he was definitely out to rape me.’ ‘I had sent a text to my other half just before 8.30pm on Tuesday evening to say I was leaving mum’s and literally two minutes after I left the house a hand went over my mouth from behind and pulled me into the dark.”

Because the man had evil intentions, the mother feared that her life could be in peril. She did not know what he’d do with her after he sexually abused her. Thankfully, Lola prevented it from ever coming from that.

The attack occurred in Meadows Estate, which is located in the area of Randalstown in Northern Ireland.

As soon as the woman returned home with Lola, she told her partner of the attack and the police was called.

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