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Just One Month After Getting Out Of Jail, He’s Back To Prison After Committing A Horrible Crime

The purpose of jail and prison time is to give convicted criminals a chance to think about their crimes and reform their ways. Unfortunately, it seldom works out that way. Many convicts upon release from jail or prison return to their way of life before getting caught and convicted. But after 35-year-old Joshua Glen Box was released from an Arkansas jail, it only took him one month to get in trouble with the law again – this time he’ll be in prison for a long time.

Box, who is from Fayetteville, Arkansas, was indicted for possession indecent images of children on June 5. Two days later, he was arrested and thrown into jail. Box has been charged with four counts of receiving material involving the sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of possessing such content, reports Crime Watch Daily. The final count had a victim that was under the age of twelve.

The Federal Court of the Western District of Arkansas has custody of Box and has him held at the Washington County jail. You can imagine his fellow inmates are not fans of Box, especially once they learn that he was exploiting young children for sexual reasons.

After his release from jail one month before, Box relocated to Fayetteville in a vain attempt to get away from his previous crimes. But Box failed to reform while spending time in jail. Instead, he was caught possessing thousands of videos and images of children in illegal situations. Jail records indicate that he accessed these illegal images and videos on his personal device.

This is not the first time Box has exhibited attraction toward minors. On August 3, 2015, Box was convicted of possessing illegal images and videos of children. And he was serving his sentence at the Washington County Detention Center until his release just one month before he offended again. The correctional institution categorized Box as a Medium Risk because he had the potential to re-offend. He proved them right as soon as he got his freedom and found a way to possess illegal images and videos of children again. Thankfully, the police were smarter than him, and he got caught.

Although time in jail and prison is supposed to help prisoners to reform, it does not seem to work. Only if a prisoner has the intention and desire to change do they find the resources available to them to make that happen. Besides GED and college courses available at many prisons, convicts can access the library to educate themselves.

Organizations like Books Through Bars also help connect inmates with reading materials. Inmates simply need to write a letter requesting certain books and volunteers will search for the appropriate titles from a library of donated materials. If more inmates could educate themselves while they are serving time, they could have a better future when they are eventually released. And if they are serving a life sentence, education is still a positive influence on their life.

What do you think about Box’s quickness to re-offend after his release from jail?