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Kelly Clarkson’s Emotional Rendition Of My Favorite Song Even Made Keith Urban Cry On Camera

Do you remember the “good old days” when Kelly Clarkson was battling for the win on American Idol? Ever since she went on to win, she has launched a successful career in music and never looked back. But during her time on the groundbreaking musical talent competition show, Kelly Clarkson had to earn her win just like everyone else who did following her.

In the video below, you’ll watch as Kelly Clarkson takes the stage and then pours her heart and soul into a performance that left judge Keith Urban in tears. Although this song was performed during the final season of American Idol and not when Clarkson was competing for the win, it was the perfect way for her to pay tribute to the show that launched her career and made her a household name.

Not only is Kelly Clarkson singing one of her own songs, but she is also doing it while she is pregnant. This is certainly a powerful milestone for the singer. Not only is she growing her family, but she has returned to the stage that built her career to pay tribute to the greatness that is American Idol.

Although Clarkson is flooded with emotions as she sings on stage during the final season, she’s not the only one overflowing. Judge Kieth Urban cannot hold back his tears as he listens to Clarkson stretch her vocal cords for the audience’s pleasure. It is clear that her performance and the song had impacted his heart and his life.

Her song, which she co-wrote with Greg Kurstin, is called “Piece by Piece.” Because the song was written based on her personal experience, it was the perfect song to sing on her return to the American Idol stage for the show’s final season.

If you’ve ever wondered how Keith Urban looks when he is a sobbing mess, you’ll see it in the video performance below.

Listen to Clarkson deliver a memorable performance of “Piece by Piece.” Not only is she eight-months pregnant with her second child during the show, but she is also able to hold it together to give the judges an emotional experience they won’t soon forget. Although this performance happened two years ago, people are still talking about it and about the tears streaming from Keith Urban’s face.

After the performance, Clarkson told host Ryan Seacrest, “I’m pregnant, and it’s nostalgic, and I can’t believe it’s the last season. . . . Yeah, really sorry I just bawled.”

Kelly Clarkson’s song didn’t just hit home for Keith Urban and fellow judge Jennifer Lopez, who cried alongside the country singer. It also became a hit with fans across the United States as well. “Piece by Piece” quickly rose to the number two spot on the iTunes charts after she delivered the memorable performance, according to Vanity Fair.

Clarkson’s performance has touched millions of people since she delivered it on American Idol. But it did not seem to touch anyone as deeply as it did Keith Urban. And now that it is published on the internet, you can watch him shed tears as he listens to Clarkson take the American Idol stage for the last time in television history.

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