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Kind Teacher Who Allows Homeless Student To Live With Her Gets The Surprise Of Her Life

Unsung heroes go unrewarded every day. Is it fair? No. But it seems to be the fact of life. While celebrities and sports stars bring home millions of dollars, firefighters, police officers, and teachers get next to nothing. And whenever the government needs extra cash, they seem to cut funding to these essential services first, which sacrifices the greater good and hurts the future generation.

While it is certainly illogical to cut funding for these services, it is the way America is run in the 21st century. More often than ever before, teachers are forced to take money out of their pocketbook if they want their children to have school supplies and books.

Sonya Romera was one of these teachers. She teaches in Albuquerque, New Mexico and consistently goes above and beyond what her students and school administrators expect of her. While the state won’t celebrate her, and the government won’t celebrate her, thankfully Ellen DeGeneres will. She heard about the great things Sonya had done and knew she needed to bring her to the show and give her some gratitude.

In her way of doing things, Ellen made it a surprise when she honored Sonya. The teacher from New Mexico was sitting in the audience minding her business when Ellen suddenly shined the spotlight on her. And as everyone starts clapping for the unsung hero who does right by her community, Ellen invites Sonya on stage. It is time for her to receive the honor she deserves.

With her mouth hanging open, Sonya leaves the audience and joins Ellen on stage. It takes only a few minutes, and Sonya gets back her focus and charisma. Then she answers Ellen’s questions and tells the county about the good things she does for her students in Albuquerque.

Not only does Sonya go out of pocket to get her students supplies and things they need, but she also makes sure her students are washed and fed before class. Because her Albuquerque school doesn’t support the nutrition of their students, Sonya buys breakfast and toiletries for the students in need. But she’s done more than feed her students. She has also fostered two of her former students. Because they experienced homelessness, Sonya invited them into her home and helped raise them for the past six months.

After Sonya revealed this fact, Ellen runs a video clip that shows her co-workers thanking Sonya for all the hard work and good she does for her students.

Although Sonya was brought to tears of joy, Ellen was not done. We all know she goes above and beyond when she honors people who deserve it. So she presents not one incredible gift but two for the hardest working teacher in Albuquerque.

Not only does Sonya make an impact on her students in the classroom, but she also manages to touch their lives in a positive way outside it as well. She’s fostering two homeless students, so they don’t fall into the wrong path. And while the government doesn’t know how to appreciate her, at least Ellen does.