Kindergarten Students Now Being Forced Into Learning About “White Privilege” : AWM

Kindergarten Students Now Being Forced Into Learning About “White Privilege”

We all know that the education system is changing. Take, for example, today’s way of doing math. It’s far different than it was when we were kids, which is why some parents struggle with helping their kids with homework. But there are other things that are changing about the way we educate our children and it’s a bit disturbing to some.

Kindergartners in the Edina School District in Edina, Minnesota are being introduced to the concept of “White Privilege,” and they’ve been forced to participate in something called the Melanin Project, which is designed to teach about social justice and white privilege. At the Highlands Elementary School, the students were instructed to trace their hands and then color them in to show which tone of skin they have. Following this, the outlined hands were attached to a poster that was labeled with the following statement…

“Stop thinking your skin color is better than everyone else’s! Everyone is special!”

These types of projects may be coming from the school’s principal, who has been known to post photos on his school community blog that shares Black Lives Matter propaganda as well as rainbow gay-pride flags.

The Edina School District is known as a gold standard school, however; there has been a shift since 2013 which has resulted in sliding high school test scores and fear of persecution among students.

School leaders in the Edina District have taken on an “All for All” strategy which has shifted the priority from academic excellence to racial equity.

According to a publication recently released on the school, “racial equity means racial identity politics — an ideology that blames minority students’ academic challenges on institutional racial bias, repudiates Martin Luther King, Jr.’s color-blind ideal, and focuses on uprooting ‘white privilege.’”

These types of practices go beyond the kindergarten classroom and are seen in all the grade levels. A tenth-grade English class was tasked with participating in a course that required them to focus on“the politicized themes of ‘Colonization,’ ‘Immigration’ and ‘Social Constructions of Race, Class, and Gender.’”

“The class should be renamed…with course description as, ‘Why white males are bad, and how oppressive they are,’” said one student who was required to take the course.

“Years ago, we fled Communism to escape indoctrination, absolutist thinking, and restrictions on our freedom of speech,” said Orland Flores, who pulled his son out of Edina High School to escape the politicized environment. “If we see these traits in our schools in America, we must speak out and oppose it.”

Following the election of President Trump in 2016, 80 staff members at the high school in the Edina School District signed a statement that some students didn’t feel safe.

The majority of commenters were opposed to the district’s required courses and projects…

“More ongoing evidence that liberalism is a form of insanity; there is just no other explanation for what they do. They hate America and our individual liberties as guaranteed under the Constitution.”

“And this kind of crap is exactly why I am saving money to pay for a quality education for my not yet born great-granddaughter. I cannot convince anyone that this stuff is happening everywhere, but I will fight like hell to see this little girl isn’t exposed to it. I have no idea at this point exactly who it is that will properly teach her, but I will do everything I can to pay for it to get done.”