Lady Gaga Attacked Trump’s Transgender Ban, Iraq War Veteran Quickly Puts Her In Her Place : AWM

Lady Gaga Attacked Trump’s Transgender Ban, Iraq War Veteran Quickly Puts Her In Her Place

Back in July 2017, President Trump made an announcement that he was banning those who identify as transgender from serving in any capacity of our armed forces. As to be expected, there was an influx of opinions thrown around on social media, and Lady Gaga was at the forefront of it all. In response to Trump’s announcement on Twitter, she responded with a rather bold statement…

“@Potus Sincerely, did you know of the group you singled out today, 45% of them ages (18 to 24) have attempted suicide already?”

Lady Gaga’s attempt was to prove a point to the president and show him that his actions have reactions, however; Iraq War veteran J.R. Salzman fired back at Gaga in a manner that made her own words appear as if they were confirming Trump’s reasoning behind the decision.

Salzman responded to Gaga with the simple tweet below…

“So your solution is to give them a weapon, and send them off into combat where lives depend on mental and emotional stability under stress?”

While Gaga’s initial tweet did have some truth to it as far as the statistics were concerned and 45% of transgender individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 did, in fact, attempt suicide, she didn’t do herself any good when she admitted that this population is more susceptible to unbalanced mental health. Not necessarily what most people would like to see as a trait in those who they are in combat with.

The truth with transgenders, as many mental health professionals can attest to, is that the identity crisis involves a lot of mental health issues that need to be addressed, preferably outside of a war zone. War, as combat veterans know, can inflict an extreme amount of emotional stress on the mind and this would basically be placing additional stresses on the already emotional person who is dealing with an identity crisis.

This situation is summed up perfectly by war veteran, David French…

“The military has to make hard choices on the basis of odds, probabilities, and centuries of hard-earned experience. Our national existence — ultimately, our very civilization — depends on getting those answers right.”

While Salzman was an average U.S. citizen, he had the experience and authority to stand up to Lady Gaga, regarding the mental health of military personnel.

Gaga received a huge response and support from fellow liberals, but others sided with Salzman and pointed out the fact that performers need to back down when it comes to voicing their opinions about certain topics that they know nothing about…

“They should speak out with the same frequency that they perform, which is only when we pay them to do so.
If they think their opinions are so f#/^ing important let them rent a venue, advertise, sell tickets, and then they can talk their BS all night for those that think what they have to say is worth the price of a ticket. They could even let anyone that wants to listen to their crap in for free but it’s doubtful they’d get many takers once they found out what it was all about.”

“Since Gaga and those like her never served in the military, much less a combat zone, they have nothing to base their statements on except some misguided ideas that we can live in a “Star Trek” world where everyone is happy, no one gets sick, no one has to work, and everyone gets along. Humans are just not made that way.”