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Law Makers Pass Law That Will Likely End In Some Small Business Owners Being Killed

It is an unfortunate reality that there is a lot of violence in today’s world. Because of this, business owners do everything that they can to protect their customers and employees from random and targeted acts of violence. One option that has been popular for years is bulletproof glass. You often see this in establishments, such as banks, but it is also becoming a common thing in small stores and similar businesses. It can help to prevent someone with a gun from being able to shoot a person standing behind it, so it is something many business owners are utilizing in today’s world.

However, there is a new bill that might threaten a business owner’s ability to use this type of glass in their establishment. Naturally, this is making waves on the internet and people are concerned that should business owners be forced to take this glass down, it could result in more injuries and deaths among business owners and employees as the result of robberies and similar crimes.

The bill is said to be proposed to regular liquor stores that are considered to be of the “stop and go” variety in Philadelphia. The bill concerning this is currently going through city hall. Now, some people agree with better regulating this type of business, but other aspects of the bill have consumers and business owners alike scratching their heads. One element in the proposed bill is that the business owners of these types of establishments will have to remove any bulletproof glass that is currently in their stores.

When you head to this type of store, it is not uncommon to see bulletproof glass separating employees and customers. Unfortunately, this type of business has a higher likelihood of being robbed due to limited employees and they are often open late into the day, making them prime targets.

Rich Kim owns the Broad Deli on North Broad and he has bulletproof glass to help protect his employees against potential robbery. He said that the safety of his employees and the public is his top priority, and this is why he has this type of glass installed.

Unfortunately, Kim’s store had an attempted robbery and his mother-in-law was saved once it was in place from a person attempting to rob her with a knife. A previous shooting is what prompted him to get the glass in the first place.

He says that if the glass is forced to come down, the rate of crime is going to rise, and people might lose their lives as the result of robberies. The bill that is being proposed says that a physical barrier cannot be erected or maintained in these types of stores. Cindy Bass, a councilwoman is who is proposing this bill.

According to Bass, these stores are a problem in the area and she feels that this bill will help to reduce troubles. However, Kim, as well as other business owners who have this type of establishment, feel that it will only result in more problems, as well as more severe ones.