Leaked Footage From Inside Notorious Prison Goes Viral, Investigation Is Launched Right Away : AWM

Leaked Footage From Inside Notorious Prison Goes Viral, Investigation Is Launched Right Away

In the shocking video, you’ll see inmates at a Brazilian party patiently waiting their turn to snort a line of cocaine off a table at a party in a gang-controlled prison. The inmates are standing in the queue while waiting to get a hit of one of the 120 lines of the class-A drug that were neatly organized for their pleasure. While they’re supposed to be serving time for crimes they committed, in Brazil prisoners get the privilege to enjoy drugs at a party because gangs rule the prison.

The inmates are extremely excited to be getting a chance to snort cocaine at the gang-controlled party. The prisoners form a single-file line as they wait for their turn to snort the illegal drug up their nose.

The situation appears to be under the control of a few men. They’re ensuring that the party does not get too out of control – or that the table with the expensive drug lined up across it doesn’t get knocked over. They also want to make sure no individual tries to take more than what was dolled out for them. Everyone is supposed to get a hit.

Inmates found the incident to be funny. They’re posing for photos as other prisoners are filming the gang party with their mobile phones. They’re proud to be engaging in illegal drug use while serving prison time.

The scene occurred at the prison in the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre.

Police confirmed that they are investigating the drug orgy that was going on at the prison. Apparently, one of the gangs that control the prison managed to get the drugs into the facility and organize the party so the other prisoners could indulge in the dangerous drug.

The video shows thirteen men snorting cocaine from the small table. The table was organized with six rows of 20 lines of coke each. And although the 90-second video does not show all the men indulging in the party drug, 40-or-so men are waiting in line to have their go at the prison party.

As the video surfaced online and the international community shared their outrage with the Brazilian prison system, military police announced they were investigating the incident. The investigation is just one of several running at the same time to put an end to the illegal drug abuse running rampant at the Brazilian prisons.

According to Daily Mail, regional drugs squad police chief Mario Souza confirmed,

“We are investigating from the perspective of drugs trafficking. We are going to look into questions like when the video was taken as well as confirming the place it was taken in and investigating the context.”

Cezar Schirmer, the Public Security Minister in the state where the prison is, said the drug orgy was “unacceptable, provocative and nasty.”

His department released a statement that read in part:

“Cesar Schirmer has ordered a police inquiry to get to the bottom of drugs trafficking and the use of mobile phones in prison, as a result of the publication on social media of a video where inmates are consuming cocaine, supposedly in a state jail.”

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