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LeAnn Rimes Shocks Fans With Racy Photoshoot

When LeAnne Rimes wants to make a statement, she makes a statement. That’s why she shared some alluring images of herself on social media. During the summer, Rimes has been turning up the temperature on her social media profiles with some sexy images of her enjoying herself and having a great time in the sun. But the images that we’re sharing here are by far the most popular ones of her enjoying the lake with family and friends.

Rimes, a country music star, came forward with an image that showed off her body in all its glory. While wearing a burgundy-colored bikini, Rimes turned her back to the camera and looked over her shoulder – all while gripping a cowboy hat. With an image like this, it’s impossible not to look at what she wants you to look at – her body and all its curves.

To caption the image, Rimes put herself out there even more. She wrote:

“Ridin’ Dirty… and two-toned. LOL! My bottom half needs more sunlight.”

While sharing sexy images of herself on summer vacation, Rimes, 36, admitted that she was not tanning evenly while on vacation, and needed to get even more sun on the spots that were needed.

Rimes, a native of Mississippi native, has set herself in an enticing position. She is kneeling on the boat, near the edge, and has her back to the camera, showing off everything she’s got for the camera. It’s an image that has people bulging their eyes and going crazy over the country music sensation.

Other images of Rimes show her leaning forward with her hands before her chest. Her top is strapless and exposes her slim midriff. She’s not shy about showing off her cleavage for her social media fans.

Because Rimes knows how to position herself for the camera, she knows that she is putting her assets out there for the world to view. But as a 36-year-old woman, she is fully within her rights to do that, and to do that proudly.

Rimes is certainly having a great time vacationing on the lake with her friends and family. Surely, they are playing music and having a great time out there on the water. While it is not certain who is behind the camera, but with the look on Rimes’s face, you can probably guess it’s husband Eddie Cibrian. They’re enjoying their vacation on the lake. Because she’s posing for her husband behind the camera, it makes a lot of sense why Rimes is getting into such alluring positions.

These sexy images of LeAnne Rimes are not the only ones that have come forward this summer. Last month, her husband shared a series of images of Rimes in various poses while they spent some more time along the lake. They’re getting their fill of the water while they still can. In the images, Rimes was wearing a number of different bikinis that kept little to the imagination.

Rimes and Cibrian met while working together in 2009 for the made-for-television movie Northern Lights.

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