Lion Goes To Eat A Dead Hippo, But The Big Cat Runs For Its Life When Hippo Somehow Attacks : AWM

Lion Goes To Eat A Dead Hippo, But The Big Cat Runs For Its Life When Hippo Somehow Attacks

Lions and other predators have no qualms about hunting for their food. They were born to do it after all. But if nature provides a dead animal carcass, they’re not going to complain about it. A free meal is much easier than something these lions have to work their tails off capturing. So when a lioness saw a dead hippo floating in the water, she thought she had stumbled upon a blessing for her and her pride of lions. She saw it lying on its side in the river waiting to be picked up. So she got to work grabbing it with her fangs and dragging it up on shore to take home with her.

Although we may not know how this hippo died, based on the end result, we assume that the animal was dead for a little while. Perhaps it died of natural causes or was the result of a hunting trip of poachers. Whatever killed this huge hippo, it probably wasn’t the lion who slinked up to the scene eager to take home the haul.

As soon as the lion gets to the hippo, she jumps on its back and starts sniffing its backside. It might have been because she wanted to see how fresh the carcass was or if she knew the hippo from the other side of the Serengeti. Whatever the reason, it was her first mistake and it ended in a stinky tragedy.

While the lion is on top of the dead hippo smelling its butt, the hippo’s bowels suddenly relax. This is a common occurrence upon death. But it just so happened at the moment when the lion had her face in the giant mammal’s backside. And the poor lion gets a big squirt of stink in her face.

Although the shot of poo in the face was certainly a surprise, the lioness doesn’t let it knock her off her stride. She handles it with grace and doesn’t seem to let it take away from her pride.

Eventually, more members of the pride show up. They do some more investigating with their nose. And in the end, they decided to let the dead hippo lie. Perhaps it was just too stinky for their tastes… and who could blame them? After what that lioness experienced, I don’t think anyone would want to take a bite of that stinky hunk of meat.

The video footage is certainly shocking. And you can watch it below. Here were some comments shared to the clip that we wanted to highlight for your amusement:

“The gases in the hippo’s stomach couldn’t escape, and caused a build up. The lioness released that pressure when she tried to open the stomach and let the guts out. SCIENCE.”

“Is nobody going to question why the Hippo died on it’s side with it’s legs sticking straight out like that.”

“Cindy was never the same again. The squad wouldn’t hang out with her because of the stench left on her face and her bad reputation.”

What do you think about this lion’s hot hippo surprise?