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Little Boy Dials 911 For A Joke, But When The Police Show Up They Ask Him To Step Outside

For his fifth birthday, Zachary knew the exact theme he wanted. And he did not hesitate to tell his mother what it was day after day. For his fifth birthday, little Zachary wanted a police-themed party. He wanted a cake with cop decals all over it, and he wanted decorations that were a theme with the blue of the police, and he wanted real-live police officers at this shindig.

So when his big day rolled around, and Zachary saw that his party was not to his liking, he did the only thing he knew how to do – he called 911. And then he told the operator his “emergency.”

Because his mother Sarah did not get the police officers to the party, little Zachary decided it was up to him to get the job done. So when no one was watching, Zachary called his local New Zealand emergency line and invited them all to his birthday party. He didn’t call just once, he called twice. He really wanted the police officers to represent at his birthday bash.

Fortunately, the New Zealand dispatchers were willing to indulge the little boy. Things were not hot at the moment, so they dispatched a group of police officers to handle Zachary’s emergency – and get the party started.

Before the police came, Sarah did come on the line to explain what her mischievous son was up to. And the operator was delighted to be able to give the little boy such a surprise birthday gift. Although was it really a surprise? It seems little Zachary planned it all along and was willing to do whatever it took to get the cops to show up to his house.

When Zachary’s party rolled around, he was very disappointed. There were no police officers there, and he could not believe it. After placing two calls with the New Zealand emergency dispatch service, he figured they would have gotten his message loud and clear. Alas, no uniformed cops were at the party.

Then he heard a loud knock on his front door. Zachary’s hope was revived. He peered around the corner and looked at who was at the door. And he got super excited when he saw it was the police.

The New Zealand police officers from Auckland showed up at Zachary’s party in full riot gear. One of the officers asked for Zach and if he could speak to him. But Zachary, who had suddenly grown meek and quiet, refused to talk to the cop. Everyone at the party chuckled.

But when Zachary realized the officers weren’t there to arrest him but had come to the party, he lightened up. Then they presented him with a gift, and he was all smiles again.

In the video below, you can watch the moment Zachary is stunned to see the riot police show up at his front door. And he hopes his story can be a lesson for other little boys and girls. Police-themed parties are the best!

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