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Little Boy Realizes Why His Father Called Him Downstairs, And Immediately Breaks Down

Surprises are not always exciting. Sometimes bad things can take us by surprise. And when one youngster heard his dad calling him downstairs, he did not know what to think. He could tell by the sound of his father’s voice that something big was about to happen. So like any kid, he was both worried and excited. But if he knew the news his dad was about to deliver, he probably wouldn’t have been worried one bit. He would have been 100 percent excited.

So when this boy father mentions that he is taking him on a surprise trip to Disneyland, the boy is utterly stunned. What child would not want a trip to the so-called “Happiest Place on Earth.”

For a young child, going to Disneyland is among the best things that can happen. A close second might be a Disney cruise or having a snow day from school. But as you can see in this video, Dad’s five words “We are going to Disneyland” throws him into a frenzy that he won’t emerge from for some time.

But at first dad wants to draw out the tension. He calls the brother downstairs. He has the camera running to capture their entire emotional reaction. And it is great. Dad has already packed their suitcases and laid out two Mickey Mouse backpacks. The boys know something is about to happen, but they don’t know what it is yet.

The first boy downstairs is the older brother. He acts drowsy because he just woke up. But soon the little boy arrives in the living room. And when they see the packed bags and the new Disney backpacks, they’re wide-awake. They know that their parents are up to something.

When the children see the bags, they start to react. And when the realization begins to click in, he suspects that the parents are planning a visit to Disneyland.

The smart boy says, “Oh my, we are going to Disney.”

Although the parents have yet to verify this thought, the boys are already in tears of joy. The big boy is the one who is crying, while the good news has yet to click in fully for the younger one. And the little sister? She has no idea what is happening. But the moment is one of the cutest things out there right now.

Planning a Disneyland trip reveal can be an exciting thing for parents and their children. And these parents did a great job to make sure their children, at least the two boys, would remember it for the rest of their lives. While the little girl is too young to understand the gravity of the situation, she will have a video to refer to when she gets older. And that will be a wonderful reminder of how much her parents care for her and her siblings. What a special family moment for these guys.

Did you ever take your children to Disneyland or Disneyworld? Or do you have a wonderful memory from a visit to the parks?