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Little Boy Searches For His Lost Dog For 8 Months. Watch The Moment They Finally Find Each Other

Kahne Williams is a six-year-old boy who loves the family pet dog more than anything. And his parents understand how important the pooch was for young Kahne. But when the dog got outside and ran away, Kahne was devastated and utterly lost when his dog went missing not long ago. His parents broke the news to him and told him that the dog would never be coming back – they knew that when a dog was lost, it was very unlikely for the pet ever to come home again.

But Kahne was not ready to let go of his love for the dog. He had been the one to pick out the pup back when the dog was only several weeks old. And because he helped bring the dog into their family, he bonded with the animal immediately. The family had enough land on their Texas property and knew that a dog could be easy for them to welcome into the household.

Kahne named the dog Kase. They went everywhere together until the unthinkable happened. Kase went missing, and Kahne felt devastated. Besides, it was his fault the dog went missing. He had let Kase out into the yard to use the bathroom before bedtime, and when it was time for the dog to return, he was nowhere to be found. In a moment, Kase had disappeared into the vast Texas landscape.

For a month, Kahne got on his knees and prayed to God for the return of Kase. But nothing happened. And not long after Kase went missing, a massive storm struck the area. It was unlikely that Kase could survive because the landscape was blanketed in twenty-inches of snow.

Little did Kahne know but one of the family’s neighbors had found Kase and taken him in. There two little girls showered Kase with so much love and kindness. And in that way, Kase had a wonderful time in his month away from Kahne.

But even the dog missed his owner. He wanted to be reunited with Kahne and could no longer hide his discontent at the neighbor’s house.

It would still be some time before Kase and Kahne could be reunited. And it was Kahne’s mother, Paula, who had the stroke of good luck to find the missing dog.

She got stuck behind a school bus on the way home. And when two girls exited, Kase ran up to them wagging his tail and showering them with kisses.

“That’s my son’s dog!” Paula shouted. She jumped out of the car and ran toward the two girls who had taken in Kase.

The girls cried as Paula took Kase with her and the dog gave them final goodbye kisses. But it was the right thing to do. Kase misses his owner too much for words.

When she got home, she decided to make the reunion a surprise for Kahne.

He came outside and found his long-lost dog.

“I missed you,” Kahne said as he cradled the dog in his arms.

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