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Little Boy With Down Syndrome Meets His New Baby Brother. His Genuine Reaction Has Gone Viral

When a child meets their newborn sibling for the first time, the moment can be so touching. Depending on the age of the new big brother or sister, their reaction can vary, as younger children might not fully grasp the new addition, while slightly older children can be very excited to welcome a sibling home. In the case of this little boy, named Kent, his first time meeting his little brother Noah will melt your heart.

The moment that four-year-old Kent went to the hospital to meet Noah was captured on video and his excitement and love is evident. Kent has Down Syndrome and, according to the YouTube video description, he “had been waiting so long for this moment.”

The video begins with Kent racing down the hospital hallway, gift in hand, wearing a “Big Brother” shirt and beaming with the biggest smile imaginable. He pauses at the door to the hospital room, then enters with his little teddy bear, extending it to Noah. Dad lifts him up onto the bed so he can get a closer look at his little brother and the moment he finally sees him is pure magic.

Mom holds out Noah for Kent to really see the baby and his face instantly lights up. He pauses, then leans in to kiss his new brother and it’s the sweetest thing. Mom then helps Kent hold the little baby and he’s definitely up for the big brother task, clapping his hands before Noah is gently placed in his lap. He marvels at this exciting new addition to their family, smiling and looking at his parents before snuggling his face next to Noah’s and getting another kiss in.

The baby extends a foot and Kent checks it out, giving it a touch, and it’s obvious that Noah is happy and relaxed with his big brother near him. At the end of the video, Kent gives his little sibling a comforting pat on the head. What an amazing bond these two will have.

The YouTube video description notes: “In March of 2017 We welcomed our Sweet Noah! My Grandson Kent, who is 4 yrs. old and also has Down Syndrome, had been waiting so long for this moment, so excited to meet his Little Brother! Kent is going to be the best big brother. He is the most loving boy in the world. He really loves everyone… whenever he enters or leaves a room he has to hug everyone in it :)”

His grandmother continues: “Although Kent is pretty much still nonverbal, he is trying and knows a little sign language, He is very smart and understands so much it blows me away. I can’t wait to see the bond my Beautiful Grandsons develop. I’m sure they will truly be best friends. Kent’s reaction to seeing his little brother for the first time is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my entire life… just priceless! True Love!”

Their grandmother sums it up by writing: “This, I’m certain, is just the beginning of the lives and hearts he will touch with love and kindness throughout his life. God has truly sent an angel to us all. We now have 2 Angels! Noah & Kent.”

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