Everybody loves the royals. And people love it even more when royalty is just like everyday, regular folks. Ready for a laugh? While Prince William is typically a proper royal, poised and articulate, this video proves that he likes to have a little fun, too, and isn’t above looking a little less than royal, if the situation calls for it. During the recent 2017 Royal Variety Performance, a little girl who had performed with a group paused afterward to ask if Prince William, seated near the stage with wife Kate Middleton, would do her a favor.

Far be it for him to deny a sweet little girl. Her request? To gallop like a horse. And he did it.

The show’s host held a microphone under the child’s mouth for her adorable question: “Please, sir, will you gallop with us?” The crowd giggled and waited to see what the prince would do.

Prince William laughed while putting his head in his hand, while the crowd clapped feverishly to get him to perform the gallop. Remarkably, he didn’t need much coaxing. Prince William stood up and galloped about, making everyone in the theater crack up, including his wife, as everyone cheered and clapped. It was very well received and the girls on stage galloped off, Prince William style.

Many people weighed in with comments on the YouTube video, with one person noting:

“I love princes William and Harry. He was a good sport and Princess Diana did a good job in making sure they would never be stuffy royals as Prince William proved last night. Hes a good sport.”

Another commenter, however, disagreed that Diana should be totally praised for the way the princes grew up, pointing to their dad as well.

The original commenter responded, adding:

“When Diana was pregnant with William she had already made up her mind that any children she had were not going to be brought up stuffy like Charles and the royals and the royals were stuffy as hellfire before Diana came along. I’m quite old and I remember back in the 70s no one was really big fans of the royals. When we had the jubilee party… no one was thinking of the queen. Diana was the one taking them out to theme parks etc. Charles was busy writing and making secret calls to Camilla.”

She continued, explaining how even in a recent interview that William praised Diana for their fairly normal upbringing, noting:

“In the formative years he [Charles] was around, he didn’t have much of a choice Diana was dead and it wasn’t just Charles bringing them up. He still had his duties and charity work… William even said in an interview this year his mom treated them not as royal princes but just like ordinary kids as far as she was able to, so as far as I’m concerned Diana did the work. She decided how her children would be. Charles admitted he didn’t really know how to help them with their grief after their mum died.”