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Little Girl Attempts Suicide Because Of Bullies. That’s When Mom Decides To Confront Their Parents

Everyone who meets Lilly-Jo Caldcott will tell you that she’s the sweetest little girl in the world. With a heart of gold, you’d think the silly Lilly-Jo, 10, couldn’t be stopped, especially not by any bullies at school. But suddenly she started acting differently. The once gregarious girl turned inward, grew quiet, and pulled back from her family. They knew something was going on outside the home.

But when she stopped eating and began to stop engaging in the social activities she once loved more than anything, her mother knew something was seriously wrong with Lilly-Jo.

That’s when her mom, Jess Brown, pulled the ten-year-old aside. She wanted to know what was bothering her and if it was something that was happening at school where Jess could not intervene. Lilly-Jo did not sugarcoat her answer, she told it like it was. She told her mother about how bullies at school were torturing her. That’s when Jess became desperate. She tried to teach Lilly-Jo how to let the comments slide off her back, telling her the age-old maxim, “Sticks and stones make break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Nevertheless, it held no power for Lilly-Jo, and she could not pull herself up from the horrors of what the bullies were doing to her.

Jess talked to the school officials, but it was too late. The attacks suddenly became violent. Jess could do nothing, and Lilly-Jo felt unprotected and alone.

With no one to help her, Lilly-Jo did something unthinkable. Although she was only ten, she decided to take her own life. She could not imagine another day of being bullied. She’d rather be gone from this world.

Thankfully, Lilly-Jo did not die. But the suicide attempt left her hospitalized and incapacitated. And when her birthday rolled around, Lilly-Jo was still in the hospital.

In an interview with the Worcester News, Jess Brown said, “My daughter is fighting for her life because of bullying.”

Jess conducted another interview with Mirror UK. In the day leading up to Lilly-Jo’s tenth birthday, she was acting strangely. She asked her what was wrong and that’s when the girl admitted she swallowed a bunch of “tablets” to end her own life – it was something she saw on the television once.

“I sat her down, and she admitted she’d taken some pills. I took her to the GP, and he said we should go straight to (the) hospital. I thought my daughter was going to die.”

But doctors saved her life. Before the pills could take her away to heaven, they pumped her stomach and saved her.

Lilly-Jo told Mirror UK: (The bully) was staring at me in the changing rooms and calling me fat. She saw me eating two crumpets, a drink and a turkey baguette, that was all I had. I’m scared she’s going to call me fat.”

Although Jess had talked to the school, they had done nothing. Now that her child had attempted suicide, she decided to confront the bully’s parents.

“The day after Lilly overdosed I went around to the parents of the girl who has bullied her and showed them the pictures of her in hospital. I wanted to show them the impact of their daughter’s words, but they just laughed at me and swore at me.”

The school claims they did everything to stop the bullying. But it was not enough it seems.

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