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Little Girl Can’t Hold Back Her Tears When The Driver Turns And Says These Four Words

Foster parents are some of the most generous people you’ll meet. My wife’s godmother was a foster mom. She opened her home and her heart to two sweet girls who needed a family. They had been through a lot, and it was through her kindness and generosity that they finally found stability and the love they deserved. But then she surprised them with something even better. She didn’t just want to foster them, she wanted to adopt them. So she did. Now they’re a happy family and enjoy time together in their Tennessee home.

For a little girl named Shailee, things had not been as easy. She had known what life was like without food, water, and a warm bed. And because she did not have a guardian who could take care of her, she was put into foster care. Finally, she went to live with loving foster parents and a foster brother. And after only a few days in this new home, she knew this was what she had been dreaming of. They were kind to her and sweet, and she hoped that one day they would plan to adopt her and make her officially part of the family.

After some time, Shailee’s foster parents told her the good news. They wanted to adopt her. But they just had to get some things in order first. While they went through the process, they told Shailee to be patient. They told her she would be adopted, but they didn’t know when exactly.

However, mom and dad’s paperwork was accepted much faster than they expected. So with the adoption date set, they decided to make it a big surprise. Since they had already told Shailee to be patient, all they had to do was stay mum on the adoption date, and she would get a surprise of a lifetime.

So on a typical school day, the parents picked up the kids from school. But then mom pressed record on her phone and turned to Shailee who sat in the middle seat of the mini-van.

Then dad announces how they’re headed “for the adoption.”

Shailee’s eyes light up. “Really? You’re lying!”

She cannot believe that things have happened this quickly.

“Today’s your day,” mom says.

The young foster girl then gets emotional. It is a dream come true for her to have a family like the one she was fostering with. They knew how much she appreciated it. And they wanted the announcement to come as a surprise. It worked.

Shailee was shocked, excited and over-the-moon all at the same time. The great news overwhelmed her. She finally had her forever home, and it was going to be official. Today was her day.

In the video below, you can share in Shailee’s joyful reaction as her parents tell her the good news. If you like to feel good, then this video will warm your heart. It is a must watch. You’re going to love it.

What was your reaction when you watched Shailee receive the life-changing news?