When a clever social media user found a contentious billboard off a highway in Houston, Texas, they snapped a picture of it and turned it into an online poll. The question was simple. Did people find the billboard to be funny or offensive? The billboard, which was paid for by the Dump Furniture Outlet, which sells crappy furniture at even crappier prices, decided to get people to turn their heads in their direction by antagonizing people driving by.

The billboard was erected along the intersection of Durham Drive and the Katy Freeway service road. It gets a lot of eyes on it every day and has become a source of local pride due to its crudeness.

The Dump Furniture Outlet only opens its doors three days per week. With a differentiating point like that, they decided to go with a direct ad to provoke men looking for new furniture.

“We can please your wife for three days a week. Can you?”

The website of the Dump Furniture Outlet claims that their stock is composed of unwanted overstock items as well as factory sell-outs. They also pick up the sat-in floor models and even a few decommissioned design prototypes. Because everything sold at the dump is unwanted by most people, they sell it for sixty percent less than it would have been when first on the market.

The photo of the billboard eventually made its way onto Reddit, which loves content like this. People expressed both their love for the joke as well as their prudish offense to the company’s sense of humor.

“My kids think this is funny,” one person joked.

“Epic marketing failure,” another person added.

“This is corny and juvenile. No, thanks.”

Most people agreed that while it was a decent attempt at being funny, the joke has been made so many times before that it just isn’t that funny. Instead, it just makes the Dump Furniture Outlet look less desirable and more of a corny place to shop. However, based on the crap in their warehouse, the tone of the message was not too far off.

Although people are not too impressed with the furniture outlet’s billboard, it has achieved a few things. First, it has gotten people across the country talking about their furniture outlet. Although we know that they’re selling unwanted items that were leftover in furniture stores even after they went on clearance, it might get some people to stop in during business hours on the three days it is open. However, this furniture store needs to reach people in the Houston area. If people are laughing at the billboard via an internet post, they might not be able to visit the location since they’re in New York or Boise.

Sometimes telling a crude joke can get people’s attention in an ad. However, it does not always get the desired result, which is to earn more business from customers.

Do you think this scandalous ad will drive more people to visit the discount furniture store? Would you be more or less likely to go?

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