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Logger Chops Odd Notch Into Tree Trunk. When It Falls It Makes Sense Why Video Went Viral

If you’re aiming to cut down a tree, you better realize that your life is in danger if you just cut it down with a chainsaw. Unless you know what you’re doing, you are asking for the tree to come falling down right on you. Slicing at its trunk with a chainsaw or an ax, without having a plan of attack, could put you harm’s way. Unless you know what you’re doing, the tree might fall down right on top of you and squash you. And if it is a big tree, you could get killed.

While pioneers and humans in less developed societies used axes and saws to cut down trees, the loggers of the modern era have much more extensive ways to fell trees.

And as a tree cutting service in Washington State, Arbor Magic, explains, “There are particular techniques that need to be followed to preserve the wood and ensure the safety of the people cutting down the tree.”

If a logger ignores these best practices, trouble is right around the corner. Not only might someone be injured, but the quality of the wood could be compromised. If that happens, what was the point of cutting down the tree in the first place?

At the most basic level, tree cutters need to have various notches or cut patterns in their tool book. These notches help influence the direction the tree falls. And when done correctly, the notches help ensure maximum safety and wood quality control. Talk about a double whammy.

Tree Services magazine says that notches “have been used by humans for centuries, if not longer.”

But gone are the days when notches need to be made with an ax. Now loggers use high-powered chainsaws to do the work.

The magazine adds,

“When done properly, (notches) allow users to direct and control the fall of the tree accurately and safely. In recent decades, knowledge of refined and advanced face notch techniques and their use has become available, offering arborists some different options that, in many cases, will increase the amount of control and precision they have in felling operations.”

Although humans have been cutting down trees since the beginning of human history, advancements have still been made.

When an expert uses notches, they can practically guarantee a safe tree felling. Loggers or arborists have several notches they can use and decided which technique to implement based on the individual tree. Methods must be adapted for each tree. They can choose from open-faced notches, traditional and conventional notches and more advanced notches called Humboldt notches.

Check out the video included below to see what appears to be a traditional notch put to good use.

Arbor Magic claims that notches are “the favored technique among loggers and tree evacuation specialists because it’s safe and fast at the same time.”

And Tree Magazine adds for reference that a quality notch “consists of an angled top cut of 45 degrees, a flat bottom cut, and is cut into the tree approximately one-third of its diameter.”

Watch the video below to see how it is done!