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Loving Dog Meets Homeless Twin And Refuses To Let Go Until Owner Brings Him Home

Have you ever been walking around when you suddenly noticed someone familiar on the street? If you have, you’ve probably stopped yourself in your tracks and thought about how you knew the person. But have you ever seen someone that looked exactly like you, your doppelganger? Because if you have, then you understand the feelings that can bring up in anyone – confusion, fear, anxiety – but in the case of this dog who found its doppelganger, the only feeling it had was love.

This story starts with Bethany Coleman and her partner in love Tyson. While their hearts were huge, they shared a tiny apartment in the busy city of Boston, which meant they could only adopt so many animals. Space was the issue. Not how much love they were capable of giving to the animals who needed it.

At the time, they had already taken in two cats and a stray terrier mix which they named Rogue. When they came across and rescued Rogue, she was a tiny puppy who needed so much love and affection. But their hearts were so big, they had no problem sharing that with the little girl. For a while, everything was gravy. Their family thrived, and they loved what they had.

But then things started to change. Rogue kept growing, and before long it became obvious that she was not going to be a small dog forever. She was a lot bigger than both Bethany and Tyson suspected she would be. And the vets had been wrong that she’d stay small.

Nevertheless, Rogue didn’t mind that the apartment kept getting more cramped. Although she was the one causing the problem – by growing up so fast – she made the most of the familial situation even befriending the two cats.

That’s when Bethany and Tyson came to an agreement: Although their hearts yearned to welcome more love into their home, they would not be able to support any more pets. Their Boston apartment was just too small.

With things decided, they decided to reward Rogue with a walk, spoiling her like only the owners of one dog can. As they passed through a hipster farmer’s market, the family came upon a space that had been taken by the Last Hope K9 Rescue Shelter. It was a charity that only supported the most desperate dogs, the ones that no one else wanted. That’s where Rogue met her doppelganger.

The dog in the cage looked almost exactly like Rogue. Its hair was scruffier, but besides that, they were practically twins.

Then Rogue turned to her owners and practically begged them to adopt this new dog. They couldn’t refuse their dog’s demands, so they took home Rogue’s doppelganger.

The two dogs shared an obvious connection. Rogue had run right over to her when she while she was at the adoption event. Bethany had a suspicion that the two dogs were long-lost twins.

With the two dogs at home, they became fast friends. Although Bethany and Tyson had to break their “no more pets” policy, they’re glad they opened their hearts for one more animal.

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