Maid Was Hired To Clean This House For A Party, But She’s Shocked When She Figures Out The Truth : AWM

Maid Was Hired To Clean This House For A Party, But She’s Shocked When She Figures Out The Truth

As a single mother of three, 36-year-old Cara Simmons works overtime to care for her family. She loves her children and wants the best for them. That’s why she has taken on extra jobs to make enough money to give them the upbringing she knows they deserve. While she is making money to care for them and give her children good things, she doesn’t get as much time to see them as she would like.

And little did she know, but one odd job as a cleaner was going to change the ways he lived for the rest of her life.

One job she does to support her family is housekeeping. It offers flexible hours and decent pay. But she never took any time off because she couldn’t afford to be without income as she had standards that she refused to change for her family.

Because she worked so hard, Simmons found herself in the hospital a few times. She suffered from debilitating stomach ulcers that were caused by stress. Although her health was not doing great, she continued to work and give her children the stuff she wanted them to have. She refused to let her three children ever be without, even if it cost her health.

Meanwhile, Simmons’s employer Maid Bright understood how hard this single mother was working. They appreciated all the hours she put in and the sacrifices she made to be there, day-in and day-out, on the job. They wanted to give her something to show her how much they appreciated all the hard works he had done over the years. So they sent her on a cleaning assignment to a house for a “very important” reason.

When Simmons arrived, Madeline Blue opened the door and ordered Simmons to get to work. Blue told Simmons that she had a lot of work to do around the house and had to work hard and fast. Blue had a big party planned for the evening.

While she works, Simmons meets the private chef at work in the kitchen. The chef describes the spaghetti dish for the night, and then Simmons gets lead into the dining room for a brief break.

Simmons suspects she is about to be a “taste tester,” but as it has it, she gets served a lobster and truffle meal. Talk about luxury!

As it turns out, the “party” was all for Simmons. The doorbell rings and Blue orders Simmons to answer the door.

Blue then asks Simmons to get the massage therapists warmed up by receiving a four-hand massage. The single mother has not had a break like this in years. She is beginning to think she is on cloud nine.

But Simmons had no idea she was on the program called “Prank It Forward.” Her children, employers, and sister were behind this fantastic evening.

She then gets led to a closet where she can pick out all the clothes she wants. Then a delivery man shows up with boxes containing Simmons’s things. And that’s when she realized that the home was hers.

She is absolutely beside herself and we couldn’t be happier for her and her family!