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Mailman Walks Up To The Neighborhood’s Most Dangerous Dog And Has No Idea He’s Being Filmed

Mailpeople have to deal with a lot during their daily routine. Delivering letters and packages can involve lifting heavy boxes, walking miles and miles at a time, and keeping a giant pile of mail organized and in order. That’s not even including the sun beating down in summer, the ice-covered sidewalks in winter, and aggressive dogs. But not all dogs are the mailperson’s enemy though!

Kyza is a 9-month-old German shepherd. Due to his size, he paints an intimidating picture at first. He has alert, pointed ears and sharp teeth like most shepherds. It’s what Kyza doesn’t have that is the most important part though!

Some German shepherds are aggressive and energetic. They need to be watched carefully, especially with strangers. Shepherd’s generally take a while to warm up to someone, but once they are your friend they are loyal for life.

Michael, Kyza’s owner says that his neighbors describe Kyza as the, “Most Dangerous Dog,” due to nothing other than his terrifying size. While he is large for a shepherd, the name is ridiculous once you get to know this sweet pup!

The New Zealand native rarely barks and hasn’t bitten anyone in their time living in the neighborhood. None of that matters to his neighbors though, all because he looks rather intimidating. Someone needs to teach these people an important lesson, that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Only one local resident knows just how kind Kyza can be, other than Michael of course. The mailman stops by the house every single day, and he has had only amazing experience with the shepherd puppy.

This particular mailman always stops by on his route, whether Michael has mail or not. Their friendship continues through the rain, the snow, and any weather that the world throws at them. Nothing can keep these two buds apart!

Michael loves the fact that his dog has such a nice friend. He decided to film their daily interactions recently, and he posted the video on his Facebook to share with all of his friends.

Kyza runs up to the mailman right at the beginning of the clip. He hops off his bike to say hi to his favorite pup, and then they share the sweetest hug you’ll ever see! The mailman clearly has a lot of love for this gorgeous pup, and Kyza loves him right back!

“I’m not sure who to tag on Facebook for him to see this! But thanks man, keep up the good job and you’ve definitely got a friend waiting for yall,” Michael posted.

This dog is very misunderstood, so Michael hoped that the video would show people how nice Kyza can be. It worked more effectively than he ever could have anticipated.

His friends started sharing it with more and more people, and soon the video started to go viral! Michael never expected that his dog would become so famous almost overnight.

Why do you think mailmen and dogs generally don’t get along? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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