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Make Sure You Don’t Get The Wrong Shopping Cart At The Grocery Store Or You May Be Calling 911

Shopping at Wal-Mart is like hanging out with an ex-girlfriend. You don’t really want to go there, but sometimes it’s just too convenient and impossible to resist. The massive store has spread across the world like wildfire, expanding at a rate never seen before in the entire history of retail. For most, the most difficult part about going to Wal-Mart is finding all the stuff you need!

A recent Wal-Mart trip turned into a nightmare for Kelly Boulay of East Windsor, Connecticut. She entered the retail giant at around 9:15 pm on a recent Sunday, and grabbed a cart as always.

Seconds later, she felt something slice into her hand fairly deep. She understandably panicked, especially once she noticed the razor blade stuck into the back of the cart handle.

“I turned my cart around to go down an aisle and then I caught something on the underside of the handle. I didn’t know until later that it was actually a blade.” Boulay said in an interview with WFSB.

“PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!,” she posted to Facebook right after the incident. “Tonight while shopping at Walmart in East Windsor I was sliced by a RAZOR BLADE that someone shoved in the cart handle. I’m so goddamn disgusted and upset beyond belief.”

Razor blades can cut straight through to the bone. They can cause serious, lasting damage to people, so what kind of sick, twisted person would attempt to hide on in a place that people grab every day?

“The officers responded and they were able to identify a razor blade that was in the handle of the shopping cart,” said Det. Sgt. Matthew Carl of the East Windsor Police Department. “Unfortunately this is one of those things that somebody could have done maliciously just for the intent of harming another person.”

Kelly was able to escape with only a small slice on her finger. The situation could have been far worse, especially considering the type of razor blade that was discovered.

“That’s a number 11, that’s a surgical razor,” Dr. Katherine Mashey told Daily Mail Online. “Using a surgical blade is frightening to me because one, somebody got their hands on it; Two, to put it in to cause injury, then I question is there contamination, HIV, hepatitis b, c. So that’s a very scary thing.”

It’s clear that Kelly is lucky to have escaped with a scratch. She still went to the hospital to get checked out and bandaged up. Once she was out, she made sure that the police had checked every single other cart so that nobody else had to experience the same fate – or worse.

Wal-Mart released an official statement to WTKR on the incident, describing it as, “disturbing.”

“We take this matter seriously and have since checked all shopping carts and are currently conducting regular checks,” they said.

No one has been made a suspect in this case, so who knows if this sick person will strike again. If you live in the area, I’d check every single shopping cart before grabbing onto it. You can never be too safe!

Why do you think someone would do this to random Wal-Mart customers? Share your thoughts on this bizarre case in the comments.