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Man Breaks Into Elderly Woman’s Home. She Whispers Three Words, Has Him Running Fast

Not all criminals are created equal. Some target institutions and steal vast sums of money. Others target helpless victims and abuse them – like child molesters. For example, there is some honor in bank robbers. At least, they’re taking a big chance and targeting an institution rather than a person. All joking aside, some criminals stoop much lower than others ever would. This story is about one such criminal.

He decided to target an elderly woman who he thought would be an easy victim. He figured that stealing money from an old woman would be as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

But this burglar decided to victimize an elderly lady who still had a lot of brains. And he quickly met his match.

This foolish burglar chose the wrong day to victimize the elderly. He broke into an old Pennsylvania woman’s apartment.

It happened like this…

88-year-old Helen Reynolds got a knock on her door on February 17. She didn’t know who would be knocking, so she cracked her door open out of curiosity. The young man on the other side smiled at her.

Helen mistook him for an apartment complex worker. And that’s exactly what the young man wanted. He made his way into Helen’s home.

When he was inside, he mugged her. He stole $40 worth of valuables from his victim’s home and shoved the stuff into his pockets. But this foolish criminal was not yet done victimizing the elderly lady.

Because she didn’t have anything else, he turned on her. He wrapped her face in duct tape, even though she had glasses on her face.

Before he could duct tape her mouth shut, Helen said:

“Would you do this to your mother? To bother her like you are doing me?”

The question did nothing to slow down the criminal. Instead, he picked up the old lady and brought her into her bedroom. He removed his clothes and shoved her onto the bed.

Then the would-be rapist started to rip off the 88-year-old woman’s clothes. But the woman still had her wits about her. She said:

“Well, it’s like this; you might as well know the truth…I have HIV, and my husband died from it.”

It was a lie. But Helen did not let on. She used her best poker face.

The would-be rapist was stunned. He didn’t want to contract HIV from the old victim. He staggered out of the room.

“…When I said that, he just walked out of the bedroom.”

Her lie saved her life. The man very likely could have murdered her after raping her. Instead, he tied her ankles together and fled the scene of the crime.

After a long time, Helen chewed through some duct tape and was able to call a neighbor for help. They contacted the Parkesburg Borough Police Department.

Helen credits God for giving her the right words to say at the moment of truth.

“It was all about me and my God, and he helped me out.”

The burglar got away. But Helen wants him arrested.

“Put him in jail, and leave the sucker there,” she said.