Man Breaks Silly Record With 19-Foot Hat, But The Full Photo Has To Make You Laugh (See here) : AWM

Man Breaks Silly Record With 19-Foot Hat, But The Full Photo Has To Make You Laugh (See here)

Odilon Ozare has a penchant for the bizarre. And the self-described, “Milliner, fashion designer, couturier, L’Enfant Terrible” has a message for the Guinness Book of World Records. Although he submitted his long hat for consideration to the record company last year, they have failed to respond. Now he is taking his request to Twitter where people are taking notice and putting pressure on Guinness to review his tall hat.

Odilon Ozare lives in Tampa, Florida where he makes hats. And the one he has in the photo here is measured at 18 feet and 9 inches tall. This makes it a world-record hat, as the previous world record for the tallest hat was just 9 feet and 9 inches.

He documented his hat as the company wanted and sent it in for review. But the record company has not yet gotten back to him about the world record, and Ozare is growing impatient.

For seven weeks, the hat artists built the tall hat. And the creation features peacock feathers and rhinestones to give it some pizzazz.

As he waits to receive the world record that he deserves, he says his massive and tall hat will go on display at Ella’s Folkart Café in Tampa.

He gave his reason for making the hat.

“Hats have always been used to enhance the greatness of the wearer,” Ozare tweeted. “The taller, the hat the greater the wearer.”

And that hat really is huge. In the video from Fox 13, included below, you can see how his hat reaches from the floor to the ceiling in the building he is located in.

Although Ozare’s hat is tall, he still wears it and can keep it on top of his head without holding it with his hands. It is a balancing act that he probably needed to practice for.

If you’ve ever wondered how to apply for a Guinness World Record, they give all the details on their website.

According to the site, they receive as many as 1,000 record applications per week. They claim that it takes only about 12 weeks to hear back from them on a standard form. So the fact that Ozare has been waiting for a year is quite a long time and not usual.

Although Ozare has the world tallest hat on his head, another man from Spain has the world’s longest hat. His barretina hat is 337.04 feet long. It was worn by Manuel Gil Emeterio (Spain), in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, on 14 December 2016.

According to the record keeping company, “The barretina is a type of hat that was typically worn in countries around the Mediterranean. Nowadays the barretina isn’t worn on everyday life. However, it remains a symbol of Catalonian identity.”

Ozare’s top hat indeed is unique. And he is confident that it will be accepted as the world record. Another record seeker created a fez that was ten feet high.

Check out the Fox report below.

Do you think Tampa’s Odilon Ozare deserves the record for his tall hat? Would you give him the honor if you could?