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Man Exploring An Abandoned Aquarium Realizes One Animal Was Left Behind

Since 2012, the Australian Wildlife Wonderland park has been abandoned. The park was located in Bass, Victoria until it was no longer able to be operated. Urban explorer Luke McPherson remembered visiting the park when he was a little boy and wanted to return to it as an adult – and as an urban explorer. McPherson often ventures into abandoned places with his camera ready to document what he will find but was ill-prepared for what he saw lurking in the abandoned aquarium.

McPherson has seen a lot of weird things throughout his years exploring eerie, urban terrains. But in this video, which he uploaded to YouTube back in November 2018, McPherson reveals an unseen world inside the abandoned aquarium that continued to foster life under its waters.

Although the clip has been online for a few months, it is now going viral all because people realize that McPherson found something absolutely incredible during his sightseeing tour of the abandoned building.

It was not long before he entered the park that McPherson felt a chill run through his body. He could feel that he was not alone in here. Although the place seemed utterly abandoned, he felt something lurking within one of the rooms – something mean and vicious – something that might try to kill him if given a chance.

Suddenly, Luke saw an incredible sight. A giant, 16.5-foot great white shark lumbered into view inside one of the tanks. The poor shark had been left behind in the murky water mixed with green formaldehyde. The shark’s name was Rosie, and she was in need of attention. Fortunately, she was not alive and could not harm McPherson.

Rosie was first brought to the aquarium back in 1998 after she was caught in a tuna-fishing net off the coast of South Australia.

Although she was supposed to be kept at the aquarium on a temporary basis, her corpse became a permanent installment over time. Because the chemicals preserved her body, she was put on display so people could see her magnificence for years to come.

However, the aquarium park closed in 2012 after being found in violation of the Australian Wildlife Act. In other words, the people who ran the park were crooks and cruel toward their animals. The living animals were given over to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and relocated to better homes. Because Rosie was dead, her corpse was left floating in the formaldehyde.

“Due to vandals, the tank is now smashed, and Rosie is no longer fully submerged,” McPherson said.

One fan on YouTube wrote, “I really want to help fund some money so that shark can be moved to a better location and be preserved and protected. It’s amazing, the park itself, and the people who made it.”

In response to the video, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not wrote, “If no one comes to preserve the shark, more liquid will evaporate. Her condition will worsen, and she will most likely be destroyed.”

Do you think Rosie the shark should be saved?

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