Man Films What He Thinks Is A New Species Of Snake. Friend Points Out What It Really Is (video) : AWM

Man Films What He Thinks Is A New Species Of Snake. Friend Points Out What It Really Is (video)

Sometimes nature can be brutal. Just brutal. And if you’re an avid viewer of any of the nature programs especially “Nature” on PBS, you’ll know just how ruthless Mother Nature can be. It really is the survival of the fittest out in the wild, and if you’re not willing to do what it takes to win, you might not make it to tomorrow.

But one snake has just crossed the line. In a shocking video posted to the internet, we can see a snake swimming in a shallow creek with a disturbing decoration across its neck. This snake is wearing a decapitated fish head like a necklace. And if that doesn’t give you nightmares, then you are one tough cookie.

Because this footage is so strange, it was posted to Reddit’s forum called WTF. And that seems like the ideal place for such strange and stomach-churning footage as this.

When the clip made it online, it was a huge hit. Viewers loved watching the snake wear the head of a fish. And we can all agree that the viewers who enjoyed this sort of thing probably have a screw loose. Not that we’re judging. But it just is a fact of life.

The director of Physiological Ecology of Reptiles Lab at Cal Poly, Emily Taylor, told Inverse that this snake probably was not trying to wear the beheaded fish’s head as a mask. Taylor, who is a herpetologist, said that snakes usually eat their meals whole. That means this fish had its head beheaded from some other source.

This information works to make the story even worse. Not only was the fish beheaded, but it was also beheaded and then worn as a mask by a snake.

“Sometimes snakes can’t judge appropriate meal sizes with their eyes, and will try to eat something way too big before realizing that it just won’t happen,” Taylor revealed. While the snake may not have eaten the body of the fish, it certainly did a terrible thing with its severed head.

If you were thinking about going swimming in this snake-infested water, we hope this video serves to change your mind about that.

In the same Inverse interview, Taylor added: “I can tell you that the snake definitely did not eat the rest of the fish. First, that fish is too big for the snake. Second, snakes don’t take bites. They eat their meals whole.”

With that information confirmed, we can only guess that someone probably tossed a fish head back into the water after eating the body for a meal. It is a logical assumption and depending on the part of the world, is very probably. Another predator that left its boney head for the snake to play within the water also could have gobbled the fish up.

Either way, we are shocked to see this unfolding before our eyes. This snake has no idea how controversial its act of wearing the fish head as a mask was.

What do you think about this viral animal footage?