Most Americans strive to buy or rent a larger home. Bigger spaces afford more space for a family to flourish and can make it easier to deal with lockdown measures in response to the coronavirus. However, one New York City man has convinced himself that he desires the smallest living quarters imaginable, which is why he has opened up his minuscule 78 square-foot apartment to cameras and gave a tour for the internet.

Because this man lives in New York City, small apartments are the norm. However, few apartments are as small as his is. Nevertheless, the apartment layout includes an area that doubles as both the kitchen and the office, plus another area that doubles as both the living room and the bedroom. He does not have his own private bathroom but must share one with neighbors.

The renter, Luke Clark Tyler, used his design skills to spruce up his tiny New York City apartment. According to SPACEStv on YouTube, “Luke Clark Tyler shows how he designed the interior of his 78 sq. ft. New York apartment. Luke provides decorating ideas for small spaces, including furniture, storage, kitchen, and bath solutions.”

Tyler’s tiny apartment is located in Midtown Manhattan – the same part of town where the Empire State Building is located.

In the video on YouTube, Tyler shows off how he turned his tiny living space into something that is a bit more desirable. He reveals his unique solutions that help him get a bit more out of the space than would otherwise be possible.

People shared thousands of comments about Tyler’s tiny apartment.

“This guy is in such a good mood. You can’t buy that kind of happiness. This guy is so content with his space. Respect my man.”

“I think a cell in the state penitentiary has more room. And you get your own toilet, and the rent is paid for.”

“A guy entombed in a tiny cell, sitting at a desk all day with his mirror image staring back at him. It sounds like the perfect setting for a short story by Franz Kafka or Edgar Allan Poe.”

One person expressed their concern about Tyler’s “fake door.”

“A fake door is the most depressing thing ever,” wrote one YouTube user.

One person took inspiration from Tyler to be more grateful for their much larger apartment.

“Never, ever am I complaining about my tiny *ss living space again. I swear all I need to do is clean. He must go out A LOT to escape that kind of cabin fever.”

Some people questioned the authenticity of Tyler’s living arrangement.

“This is not an apartment. It is a rooming unit. An apartment in NYC has to be at least 400SF to be legal. Even a bedroom has to be 80SF. This is probably the 4th bedroom in an apartment.”

“WOW, he does most of his freelance work from home. So he’s basically in that shoebox all day long! There was me thinking he goes out to his day job to get away from the room. Oh, and sh*t, shower and shave too.”

Could you handle a tiny apartment like this?