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Man In Green Interrupts Young Girl On The Piano With Stunt That Causes Crowd To Rush In

Don’t you love when public places install pianos? It is a wonderful invitation for musicians to come out of the masses and share their musical abilities with others. While not everyone who sits down to play such a piano is as talented as Beethoven or Mozart, they are usually good enough to entertain the people walking about. But when one young girl sat down to play the piano installed at a shopping center, a man in green rushed over, pushed her aside, and then began to do something that drew a crowd and many cameras.

Thankfully the entire incident was caught on camera. The young girl was sitting down at the piano when the man in green came over and disrupted her playing. He then proceeded to take her place and show her how it was done. And the result was absolutely magnificent.

The teenage girl did not want to relinquish her seat at the piano to the inconsiderate man in green. But he was relentless. He refused to take no for an answer. So after a while, he continued to cajole her and demand that she leave the piano bench and give him a chance to play. But the girl was practicing, trying to improve her performance skills, and challenge her insecurities. But the man did not care. He wanted his chance to play.

Eventually, the girl gave way to the man’s insistence. He quashed her resistance and got his way, and when he sat down to play, he quickly drew a crowd to him because his skill was so impressive, people could not help but clap.

Before long, the piano man in green got a crowd around him. People were clapping along to the tune. Then a man in a hard hat who was walking by, stopped in his tracks to listen. The music had hypnotized the construction worker and drawn him toward the piano. The construction worker smiled at the teenage girl, and then he joined the man at the piano – and together the three of them produced a performance that will go down as one of the best in the history of the internet.

The trio did a wonderful job entertaining the crowd at the shopping center. At one point, a couple with a baby stopped to listen. Although they were having a difficult time with their little one, the music did a great job at soothing the child. It was not long before people stopped in their tracks, removed their phones, and started recording the scene. Some people couldn’t even stop themselves from dancing – the music was that compelling and the performance was that engaging.

So why did the man in green disrupt the young woman behind the piano? He did it because he felt entitled to do it. His name is Terry Miles, and he is a professional piano teacher. But Terry doesn’t like to teach young people classical music and other “stuffy” styles, he teaches them Boogie Woogie, which is his favorite. While this means, he doesn’t have a huge client base, he does attract passionate piano players looking to improve their skills and have fun.

What’s your reaction to the performance?

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