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Man Is Arrested After Putting A Bumper Sticker On The Back Of His Truck

A 23-year-old man named Dillon Webb felt the cruel hand of the law after he was arrested following his refusal to remove a crude bumper sticker from his truck. Because the bumper sticker violated the obscenity law of Florida, Webb was asked, nicely, to take it down so as not to offend other drivers along Florida roads. Instead of obliging, Webb refused to take off the offense sticker, indicating that he thinks it is his First Amendment right to plaster “I eat a**” on his car.

On Sunday, Webb was arrested and charged with misdemeanor counts of violating Florida’s obscenity law and resisting an officer without violence, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office said in a report.

Because he was proud of his “I eat a**” bumper sticker, he refused to remove it from his truck window and therefore handcuffed and brought down to the station to be booked into the jail.

Since getting arrested for displaying the obscene bumper sticker, Webb plans to fight the arrest, claiming it was wrongful.

“I’m tired of police forces thinking they are above the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,” Webb claimed.

Because the Sheriff’s deputy noticed the offensive sticker that explained Webb’s appetite for rear ends, he was pulled over in Lake City and asked to remove the sticker.

When the deputy kindly asked Webb to remove the offensive sticker, the 23-year-old refused to do it, claiming that “they’re just words.”

Webb complained that it seemed that the deputy was angry from the beginning of the traffic stop and seemed to be looking for a reason to get upset with him.

“Like the whole time, he was just really rude,” Webb said. “It just felt to me like his goal was to get me in jail.”

The Deputy did not understand how a parent was supposed to explain the meaning of the words on Webb’s sign. But since it was displayed proudly on Webb’s truck, parents would be forced to explain the crude, sexual act to little ones if they happened to see the bumper sticker.

Webb did not care if he offended parents and ruined the innocence of little children, explaining that such an explanation of the bumper sticker’s meaning “would be up to the parent.”

Webb also did not think his “I eat a**” sticker would damage any child.

“I’ve had parents drive by me with their kids taking pictures,” Webb claimed. “They point and laugh and giggle, and they go about their day.”

Although Webb has only had the sticker on his truck for less than a week, he claims to have a lot of experience with it and little children and their parents. Meanwhile, it did not take Florida deputies long to confront him about it.

He said he bought the sticker as a joke and is not necessarily interested in a** as sexual pleasure.

“I guess this cop just didn’t find it funny, and he just thought he has to put me in jail,” Webb said.

The ACLU of Florida sent a letter to the Sheriff’s office defending Webb’s “speech that is already protected by the First Amendment.”

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