In a recent TikTok video from US-based content creator Blake Rozier, the traveler showed off how he was the only guest on a large cruise ship. Although most cruises house as many as two to four thousand guests per trip, Rozier claims that he was the only guest on the entire cruise and was given the best possible service from the cruise ship’s workers and staff.

The single man’s TikTok video claimed that he was the only guest on the cruise, and so the staff on board was waiting on him “hand and foot” since they had nothing else to do with their time but care for their single guest.

Many social media users proclaimed Rozier’s cruise to be “an introvert’s dream” as he was able to enjoy the entire ship by himself without having to battle crowds of other people struggling to use the pools and other amenities.

The viral TikTok video, which has been viewed nearly one million times, showcases Blake Rozier standing in a swimming pool wearing nothing but his bathing suit. The social media content creator panned the camera to show off how the rest of the boat was completely empty of other guests as he narrated what was going on for him during the cruise of a lifetime.

“So, as some of you know, I am on this cruise ship completely alone; I am the only guest on this ship besides the crew, of course, that has been tending to my hand and foot. Literally, this cruise has been insane. I don’t know how this happened. They even have a movie playing just for me; all the shows are still going, and the pools are open.”

Rozier claimed, “It’s literally just me here. It’s truly insane, and it’s been amazing. I just had a dinner in a huge dining hall with no one else.”

Although people wanted to know all the details about how Rozier managed to get on a cruise ship as its only guest, he did not reveal any details about which cruise line he was sailing with or what the vessel’s name was.

TikTok users flooded Rozier’s video with thousands of comments proclaiming him to be the luckiest man to sail the seven seas.

“That’s the only appealing cruise I’ve ever seen,” one person wrote.

Another added: “That sounds like paradise. That would be so awesome.”

One other TikTok user contributed, “How freakin’ lucky!”

Although it is possible that Blake Rosier managed to be the only passenger on board a massive cruise ship, it seems highly unusual and very unlikely that the events occurred, as he said. Many of his TikTok followers took his video with a grain of salt since he has been known to showcase his abilities as an actor and comedian and has delivered a few videos that are known for their outlandish spoofs.

Would you enjoy being the only passenger on a cruise ship?