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Man Rescues Wild Horse About To Die, Gets A Heartfelt Thank You From The Animal (video)

I’ve yet to meet someone who would deny that horses are incredible creatures. They’re known for their majesty and their utter beauty. It’s a wonder how humanity tamed them and turned these wild creatures into animals that help us work toward our goals and desired outcomes. And to this day, wild horses still exist out in the countryside.

While we often think of the Wild West as a land strewn with horses, horses were never native to North America. Columbus brought Spanish horses to the Americas on his second voyage in 1493. And then in 1519, they were reintroduced on the continent where modern-day Mexico currently resides. Although we think of Native Americans as always having horses, they did not have them until Christopher Columbus brought them across the Atlantic Ocean with him on his voyage.

To this day, wild horses still roam the landscape. But in Romania, people have a terrible habit of chaining wild horses. They link their front or rear legs to halt their desire to keep them from moving.

But these wild horses are unfamiliar with being chained. They’re used to running freely along the Romanian plains. And these chains can be painful and dig into the horses’ flesh when they resist and pull against them.

One veterinarian happened to find a wild horse chained up. Because he works for the animal welfare group called Four Paws International, he approached the wild horse that was eager to be free from the chains.

Since this horse was not domesticated, it tried to run when it saw the veterinarian approaching. But since it is an intelligent animal, it realized that the man was not there to hurt it. Although it did not trust humans – who would after getting chained and locked up like that – the horse could sense that this veterinarian, Ovidiu Rosu, was different from the evil people who locked it up.

After some time, the horse submitted to Rosu’s gentle touch. The wild creature allowed the vet to remove the chain from its leg. The horse was free. But that’s when the real magic occurred.

A member of the horse’s herd had witnessed Rosu’s generosity. And in a gesture of extreme gratitude, the wild horse approached Rosu and then touched noses with him. The horse was thanking the veterinarian for rescuing its four-legged brother or sister. If it weren’t for this vet and people like him who care for animals, people with sinister motives would keep the animals locked or chained up.

Four Paws International has specialized in helping the wild horses who resided in Romania’s Danube Delta. The Tatars brought the animals to the area about 300 to 400 years ago. As they Tatars left the area, many horses were left behind and became wild. They roamed the open pastures and found a good life for themselves there.

Eventually, the horse population became very large. And in the late 1900s, local authorities decided to kill the horses. Thankfully, Four Paws International intervened before the authorities could kill the amazing creatures.