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Man Resurrects 5000-Year-Old, 200-Pound Guard Dog

One man in California had a dream. It was one that many people told her would be impossible to achieve. But he yearned to do it. He thought about it day and night. Some nights it kept him awake. But now the California dog breeder has achieved the impossible – he has “resurrected” a guard dog breed that used to roam the Earth more than 5,000 years ago.

The breeders are Marcus and Yvette Curtis. They’re a husband and wife team who are now producing Molossus puppies. Their 18-month-old dog named Sasquatch weighs a whopping 212 pounds and is suspecting to be still growing.

Because these dogs make wonderful guard dogs and are massive, the Curtises make sure the animals go through severe obedience training before they’re sent to live with families. That means these dogs are the perfect guardians for homes and businesses because they’re trained to be loyal and very protective of their owners.

Marcus Curtis was on a mission to resurrect the “Old World Molussus” breed of dogs. And now he has done it.

When asked how people react to Sasquatch, Marcus admits that people cannot handle their surprise.

“When people see Sasquatch, usually it is shock, to be honest. Jaws drop.”

And as you browse these photos, you’ll understand why people cannot get enough of this miraculous and wonderful dog breed. It truly is a special specimen.

Yvette said, “We have people turning their heads all the time. People stopping in their tracks and they’re just like, ‘What is that?’ People are in shock and amazement when they see these giant beasts.”

And “giant beasts” are a pretty accurate way to describe the breed. Anyone who has one of these dogs on their property can certainly rest easy at night knowing things are safe and secure.

Yvette added, “I’m not scared of the dogs. To me, they are giant teddy bears.”

But that’s only because Yvette has the magic touch with the animals. She’s able to soothe them and relax them in a way that would be impossible for others to do.

Marcus and his wife are selling the American Molussus puppies for $5,000 each.

There is a long waiting list for dogs. These puppies are very rare. And because Sasquatch proves that these dogs can get to be larger than 200 pounds, people are yearning to have one for themselves.

Marcus has been a dog breeder since 1999. He realized that there was a breed of dog that no longer walked the earth when he started doing research into clay tablets, ancient statues, and paintings. He clearly saw that there was a breed of guard dog that no longer existed. That’s when he was inspired to resurrect the breed and once again bless the earth with its presence.

In the beginning, even Marcus’s wife thought he was insane for dreaming such a dream.

“When Marcus decided to resurrect this ancient breed, I thought he was crazy,” she said.

Now that she’s rolling in the profits, she’s the first to admit she was wrong to doubt her husband.

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