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Man Sees Something In Water And Immediately Jumps In, Now People Are Calling For His Arrest

While in Key West, Florida, Hunter Hardesty wanted to prove he was a man by fighting a federally protected pelican. Because he was proud of what he did to the at-risk bird, Hardesty shared the video on Facebook featuring himself fighting the bird, trying to cause it harm. In the clip, Hardesty jumps into the water on top of the pelican and then grabs it, shoving it under the water, and laughing as he puts its life in danger.

Although this would be considered animal cruelty no matter what kind of animal he was abusing, the fact that Hardest wanted to prove his manhood by fighting a federally protected pelican does not bode well for the showoff.

People quickly condemned Hardesty for abusing the animal during his recent visit to Key West from Davidsonville, Maryland.

Although federal agents have yet to charge him with the crime, it is expected that Hardesty will face animal cruelty charges.

The video went online on March 7 and showed Hardesty leaping on the bird, trying to drown it and torment it before it lashed out at his face and escaping his clasp.

Hardesty lured the bird closer to him by leaning over the harbor’s edge with a treat in his hand. Because the bird was hungry, it floated toward its attacker as Hardesty then jumps into the water on top of the federally protected bird.

As he lands on top of the bird, Hardesty drives it under the water and stays there for a few moments. Then he grabs the large bird with both hands trying to make a viral video. Those holding the camera laugh as they watch Hardesty put the bird’s life in danger.

Meanwhile, one woman stands up for the bird, calling to Hardesty:

“If you don’t get out of there right now, I’m going to call security. Knock this party off right now.”

As Hardesty gropes and manhandles the bird, it is visibly distressed. After being forced under the water and grabbed by its assailant, the bird tries to get free but is unable. Meanwhile, Hardesty’s friends are very entertained and laugh from the safety of the pier.

When the pelican snaps at Hardesty with its beak, he releases it, and the bird flies to a safer part of the harbor.

The video went viral on social media after Hardesty shared it thinking people would love what he did. People quickly labeled the video an act of blatant animal cruelty and demand that federal agents track Hardesty down and arrest him.

On Friday, Hardesty wrote, “The book blown up on a Friday! Sheesh.”

Meanwhile, people demand Florida authorities do something about his behavior.

Dennis John Deevy Jr. wrote, “We need to get a petition to have this MF charged.”

Another wrote, “Can you spell J-A-I-L?”

Sherry Zimmerland Frolich added, “Idiot! I do hope you serve time. I also hope that smack in the face left a mark, a BIG one.”

Do you agree that this was a cruel prank to pull on the pelican? Do you think Hunter Hardesty should serve hard time in jail?

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