Man Sees Wife For First Time After Anesthesia, Response Leaves Entire Staff In Stitches : AWM

Man Sees Wife For First Time After Anesthesia, Response Leaves Entire Staff In Stitches

The effects of anesthesia can leave one feeling a little bit foggy, for sure. For those who were medically sedated, it’s always helpful to get a replay of the moment to see what exactly went down while in this groggy state. In this man’s case, he got downright flirty with his wife and it was absolutely hilarious, to say the least. Apparently, he didn’t remember that his wife, Silvia, lost 77 pounds in the time leading up to his MRI and was pretty impressed, telling her: “You look so hot!”

In the video, she says: “Well thanks. You don’t remember me losing weight? I’ve been at it for a few months.”

He even invites her into the bed saying, “but there’s room for you,” adding, “you look good.”

Things get decidedly funnier from there, as she checks in with him, asking: “Do you know why you’re here?” His response? “To have sushi?”

Further, he seems unclear on why they’re in the hospital, as he thinks he was watching ESPN. When things are cleared up about the reason for their visit, he says, “Good, cause the Broncos suck.”

When his wife explains the MRI procedure, he says, “sounds like food,” before adding, “I can’t believe how hot you are.” He then notices her filming him, giving a “hello” for the camera and asking, “why are you filming me?”

His wife explains: “Because you’re quite funny right now.” She’s not wrong.

Clearly his mind is on food, as he asks, “can we have sushi?”

He also asks why their kids didn’t come to see him, and is confused about who their neighbor is who is watching the kids, saying, “I don’t remember her.”

He then dozes off while singing a song before his wife finally ends the filming. No doubt, he got a laugh out of it when he was more coherent and could see what his state was.

The video’s description explains that he had “a traumatic brain injury” in 2013 and has follow up visits for tests and scans.

Of course, there are loads of videos online of people coming out of anesthesia, many with hilarious comments by the person who has been sedated.

Many weighing in with comments on the video on social media found the man to be hilarious, with one person writing: “This is cute because a person can sure say all kind of things when they have been sedated.”

Some viewing the video seemed confused, believing that the man had amnesia, as one commenter cleared things up, writing: “Ehm… Not amnesia, anesthesia. Two different things. Anesthesia is used as a painkiller and a sedative for hospitals, and it has weird effects on your brain.”

Another commenter asked: “Why do people there have to get general anesthesia just for an MRI?,” with another person explaining, “They might be really claustrophobic and cannot stay still.”

One commenter further clarified: “Exactly, that’s what happened to my sister, and since you have to be really still for an MRI, it is really a win-win.”