Man Sets Up Booby Trap To Get Revenge On Package Thief, Catches His Demise On Film (video) : AWM

Man Sets Up Booby Trap To Get Revenge On Package Thief, Catches His Demise On Film (video)

Have you had the experience of a package being stolen from your front door step? In today’s world, with online shopping more and more prevalent, the experience of having something stolen before you’ve even received the thing seems to be very common. Some of these thieves may just be seeing the package and deciding to steal it in the moment while, for others, it appears to be a repeated, organized task that they set out to accomplish, however illegal it is.

For a man in Tacoma, Washington the repeated targeting of his house by these “porch pirates” led to his coming up with an innovative, loud, and effective solution.

You can see his plan put into action in the video below.

Jaireme Barrow, a homeowner in the state of Washington, decided to create a booby-trap and rig up cameras to catch the would-be thieves attempting to steal packages from his doorstep. The device works like this: a brown box, very similar to those that may be delivered by various online shopping companies, has a hole cut in the bottom in which Barrow inserts a special device he has personally created. This device manages to detonate a 12-gauge blank shotgun shell – a very loud but otherwise harmless effect.

When the box is lifted by the porch pirate a trigger detonates the shell and, almost always, the thief stumbles backwards, shocked by the noise.

The footage from the cameras Barrow has used to record such events make for interesting viewing. Over the last year and a half, Barrow’s porch has been targeted 15 times – a number that seems too big to be real! But Barrow maintains that the video is 100% legitimate and that his house is on a busy street.

But wouldn’t a busy street mean that passerbys would be more loathe to attempt to steal a package from someone’s doorstep? Nevertheless, in the last two weeks two attempts have been made on Barrow’s booby trap and both make for great viewing. The thieves stumble backwards only to trip and fall on Barrow’s front lawn. There is certainly a feeling of justified revenge to Barrow’s plan.

Another reason for the supposed skepticism of Barrow’s booby-trap device and the large number of attempted thefts that occur on his porch is the fact that Barrow is now selling a variation of his invention online. The small black device asks to be loaded with blank ammo only and is for people to set up in a similar way to Barrow. There is no word on whether or not his business venture has been successful or not yet, but it is certain the videos he shares of the events on his porch are a large part of the selling strategy.

The feeling of cathartic release and revenge for the homeowners who are targeted by such thieves is almost too good to resist. It remains to be seen what would happen if you purchased one of Barrow’s devices and it was delivered to your house, only for a porch pirate to steal it before you rigged it up! Now that would make for interesting viewing!