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Man Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch A Strange Visit From A Bear

Beekeeper Ibrahim Sedef from Turkey knew that someone was stealing his honey at night. Because his stores of the sticky sweets kept being depleted while he put his head down on his pillow after nightfall, he decided to get to the bottom of it. Before long, he learned that bears were the ones responsible for busting into his beekeeping facility and eating all his honey – so he decided to use their theft as a viral promotion.

Because Sedef earns his living from his honeybees, he decided to turn the thieving bears into taste testers. He figured that since he was not going to be able to stop the bears from eating the honey if that’s what they wanted to do, he’d take advantage of their love for the sweet stuff and share the video online so others could see just how good his honey was.

Sedef placed several jars of honey on a table. He set a camera to face it and then shifted the lens to night vision mode. When the bear inevitably showed up to taste all of Sedef’s honey, the beekeeper caught it all on camera and was able to upload an intriguing video that proves his honey is among the best in the world.

Before Sedef resorted to the honey taste test, he tried other things to keep the bear off his property. He’d installed metal cages which were supposed to keep the bears away. He created cement blocks, which the bears destroyed. He also put the beehives out of reach so the bears simply would not be able to get to them. No matter what he tried, he failed to stop the bears from eating his precious honey.

With his options exhausted, Sedef figured that he might as well use the bears to benefit his business. He set up the camera and filmed the bears going to town on his samples of honey. But in the end, one type proved to be the most popular among the thieving bears.

The kind of honey that the bears loved the most was the Anzer honey. This honey, which was most popular among the bears, beat out the Cherry Blossom honey, which surprised Sedef. Cherry Blossom honey is very sweet and flavorful, which made him believe that the bears would have preferred it over the Anzer variety. But he was wrong. The taste test proved that Anzer was the best one of his batch.

When he shared the video online, Sedef watched with joy as people across Turkey posted the video to their friends. Soon the clip made its way around the globe to people in every country. If you’re a fan of bears of animals, this video is hard not to love.

While Sedef could have been upset that the bears were stealing his product, he got creative and used them to promote his business, and it worked. Now he has become one of the most famous beekeepers in Turkey as people around the world continue to watch and share the video we’ve included for you below.

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