Man Sits On Toilet Playing A Game On His Cell Phone So Long A Body Part Fell Out Of Him : AWM

Man Sits On Toilet Playing A Game On His Cell Phone So Long A Body Part Fell Out Of Him

There are some things that you just never expect to hear. Like…that your rectum has fallen out. When a man in south-east China noticed a ball-sized lump fall out of his anus around midnight, he rushed to the hospital. As it turned out, the lump was actually his rectum and while it was still attached to his behind, it had lost its attachment to his body. Doctors called the condition, rectal prolapse, and they believe that in this case, it could’ve been caused by the fact that he had been sitting on the toilet for more than 30 minutes.

Evidently, the man had been playing games on his phone while he was trying to defecate. Sounds like something that most of us are guilty of on a daily basis.

The unidentified patient was treated by Dr. Su Dan from the gastrointestinal surgery division of The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. Su described the condition as the intestines loss of attachment to the body while becoming visible from the outside of the body.

‘The patient has had rectal prolapse since he was four years old, but the bulge was able to retract in the past,’ said Dr. Su, who admitted that the patient’s condition was severe. “But he did not have the condition treated, so the situation got worse.”

According to the CT scan that Dr. Su reviewed, the diameter of the lump that was outside the patient’s anus was 16 centimeters in diameter and there were bruises and blood spots along the patient’s intestinal wall. Dr. Su also shared that rectal prolapse typically occurs in young children and elderly people and if found in a young child it could be related to innate dysfunction.

While this patient had the condition since he was young, Dr. Su said that the reason it prolapsed is due to the long amount of time that he had spent on the toilet and while he had been struggling to defecate, his pelvis muscles were weakening.

Luckily surgeons were able to remove the lump on the same day that the patient went into the hospital and he is on the road to recovery.

According to doctors, whether someone is squatting over a toilet or sitting on one for a long period of time, the pressure of the abdomen builds up and then forces the rectum to stick out. This all happens if the pelvic muscles are not strong enough to hold it all together.

The crazy part is that most people have been guilty of sitting on the toilet while tinkering on their phone at one time or another. When you really think about it, this has the potential to happen to anyone who has the pre-existing condition.

Some commenters disagreed with the doctor’s final assessment of the situation…

“It was an existing problem he had and did not happen because he sat on the toilet and played games on his phone.”

And others couldn’t help but throw in a few good puns…

“This takes losing your a$$ in a game to a whole new level.”