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Man Slips On Ice Cubes And Threatened To Sue, But Then Police Saw The Camera Footage

When 57-year-old Alexander Goldinsky went to a cafeteria to pick up some food during his lunch break, he slipped and fell on some ice cubes that had been left on the ground. The incident left Goldinsky with injuries that he hoped to get compensated for via a lawsuit against his workplace. However, security footage of the scene found that Goldinsky may not have suffered in the manner that he initially reported – actually, it appeared that he faked the whole thing.

Goldinsky reported numerous injuries from the fall. He filed an insurance claim for the ambulance and the medical treatment he had to receive at the hospital and after his visit. He racked up the medical bills because he thought the insurance claim and lawsuit would cover it all, and he sought out the best care available.

But Goldinsky’s plans came grinding to a halt when the business told him that they caught his entire “fall” on camera. What was very interesting both to his employer and the claims investigators was that the true events of the incident were much different from the story he had told everyone.

Investigators watched as Goldinsky threw ice cubes onto the floor from the soda machine. Then he carefully stepped onto the ice cubes and laid onto the floor. He waited on the ground, sprawled out on his back until some witnesses came by and saw him and expressed worry and concern. At this point, he felt he had found his witness and was able to cash in on the “accident.”

Because the security footage shows Goldinsky allegedly staging the fall, it is clear that he didn’t get hurt in the way that he described. He thought it was going to get away with insurance fraud but got caught red-handed. Now he denies that he did anything wrong. He also said that he didn’t purposely throw ice on the floor.

“I didn’t do it,” he said. “It was a mistake.”

Nevertheless, the video footage does not lie. Goldinsky was arrested and charged with a single count of insurance fraud in the third degree and one count of theft by deception in the third degree.

Goldinsky, a resident of Randolph, New Jersey, narrowly avoided jail time, according to The Washington Post, when he got sentenced to two years of probation. He also had to perform fourteen hours of community service and pay back the $563.48 to the insurance company.

The New Jersey courts went easy on white-collar criminal Goldinsky because he pleaded guilty to third-degree insurance fraud where he was subcontracted to do work for a company in Woodbridge Township under his company All Gold Industries.

Goldinsky found himself embroiled amid the New Jersey attorney general’s crackdown on insurance fraud. The charge of theft by deception was dropped when he accepted his plea deal with the state.

Goldinsky and his attorney have been hiding from the media since the case was resolved in the fall of 2019.

When he was arrested in January 2019, he told CBS New York: “I didn’t do it. It was a mistake.” He refused to say more without his lawyer.

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