One man refused to believe that the Earth was round, so he invested thousands of dollars in proving that it was flat. After investing more than twenty thousand dollars, he was in the middle of filming the DIY experiment for the Netflix documentary titled Behind the Curve when he realized that his mistake was rather pricey and proved that the Earth was not flat – as he had hoped – but round as scientists have known for centuries.

The flat earther believed that his experiment should have proved that the Earth has no curve. The DIY experiment involved using a camera to film two holes built into pieces of wood. On the other side, a person would flash a flashlight, and the camera would pick up the light and prove, once and for all, that the light did not bend and that the Earth was flat, as the Luddites predicted.

The flat earther believed that if the camera picked up a straight line of light through the two holes in the wood, then the planet was flat. The idea was that the light would travel in a straight line through the holes in the wood at an equal distance above the ground and prove that the Earth does not have a curve in it and that it does not have any natural bend to it.

However, no light could be seen through the hole. The flat earther could not help but mutter “interesting” after realizing that their experiment proved that the Earth was not flat but round.

Unilad reported that one Instagram user said, “I bet he still won’t accept it.”

Another said: “Something oddly satisfying about watching a simple opinion dissolves in the face of non-rigorous methods, lol.”

Although the flat earther failed to prove that the Earth was flat, the person continues to go through “mental gymnastics” to prove that their disproven theory is correct and that the Earth is indeed flat – something that scientists have been able to disprove for centuries now.

One person wrote: “I’ve seen that clip many times but have yet to see his explanation as to how that happened.”

Daily Mail reported on this experiment, and people, by the hundreds, shared comments, including the following:

“I bet if someone shone a torch in one of his ears, you’d see the light coming out of the other one.”

“That documentary was brilliant. NASA was really genuinely impressed at the experiments several of them came up with as they were really clever. However, they ALL proved the Earth is not flat. The final scene is hilarious when the guy realizes he’s been wasting his time and money.”

“They would have to be a long way apart to prove anything either way. It was proved in ancient times over a distance of 500 miles.”

Do you think the Earth is flat? Or do you think scientists have it figured out by now?