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Man Stabs Adorable Dog 50 Times Then Gets A Healthy Dose Of Karma

When an animal abuser decided to take out his rage on a poor pooch, he never expected to get caught. But karma quickly caught up with him after he stabbed Ollie a pit bull terrier fifty times and left him locked inside a suitcase to die on October 10, 2017. Although vets treated Ollie and said he would live despite the numerous stab wounds, the dog died two days later, breaking everyone’s hearts.

The accused killer, Brendan Evans (pictured below), remains behind bars at the ruthless Broward County jail as of September 2018 about a year after he was first charged with killing the poor canine.

Evans still awaits his trial after being charged with seventeen counts of aggravated animal cruelty. He worked as a personal trainer – until he started spending all his time in jail and lived near the Hollywood, Florida back alley where the brutalized Ollie was found bleeding profusely from his stuffed place in the suitcase.

Evans was charged with aggravated animal cruelty for each deep stab wound he made to the animal and another for leaving him locked inside a small suitcase. Ollie was too big for the bag but was stuffed in nonetheless, despite his one paw sticking out of it.

Evans, 31, has pleaded not guilty to the horrible crime. Although it has been a long time since he was arrested for killing the dog, Evans’ attorney is not ready. She claims to need more time to prepare a defense against the abundant evidence building up that will likely convince the jury of his guilt.

Because Ollie was so severely mistreated, people took notice. His story became a rallying cry for people across the internet and social media, who demand stricter laws governing animal abuse, especially in loose states like Florida.

“Ollie is a dog whose memory hasn’t faded from any of our hearts,” Susan Rosemarin said. She lives in Pompano Beach and has been keeping a close eye on the case of the brutal dog killer.

Rosemarin vows to make sure the world never forgets Ollie and what he went through at the hands of his inhuman killer.

“Ollie had a profound effect on so many people,” she said. He was like this magical dog. This dog has touched my heart.”

Evans’s alleged crimes have sparked so much outrage – not even just from people in Florida but from people around the world. The prosecutors have received letters demanding that they persecute Evans to the full extent of the law and seek the maximum penalty allowable in the state of Florida, Assistant State Attorney Alex Urruela said.

Urruela admitted that this animal cruelty case is one of the worst he’s ever witnessed.

“The number of wounds inflicted were alarming,” Urruela said. “It’s hard to wrap your mind around a motive for someone stabbing an animal that many times and stuffing it in a suitcase while the animal is still alive.”

When Ollie died, nearly $60,000 of reward money poured in to find his killer.

Before Evans’s arrest, police found mutilated kittens and rats stored in a freezer in his apartment.

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