Man Threatened Suicide On Mall Roof, Watch Closely At How Quickly The Officer Reacts (video) : AWM

Man Threatened Suicide On Mall Roof, Watch Closely At How Quickly The Officer Reacts (video)

With the holiday season comes bright lights, the spirit of giving and Christmas celebrations. However, there is a darker side to the holidays too and that is increased rates of depression and suicide. While this is a joyous season for many, financial issues or not having a strong family network can make it difficult to cope with for some people. In a recent event that took place at a mall in East Garden City, it served as a reminder that no matter how happy your holidays might be, there are those out there that are struggling.

The incident happened at the Gallery of Westbury Plaza. There was a 57-year-old man at the mall on the second floor that was threatening to jump, so people at the mall called the police for some assistance.

The officers were quickly on the scene and worked to talk to the man to get him to come down to the lower level. They made it clear that they were simply at the mall to give him some help. Two cops went to the upper level where the man was, and they noticed that he was holding onto the railing. They worked to remain calm, trying to get some of this to rub off on the man who was clearly distraught.

All of the sudden, the man went and removed his hands from the railing. As soon as some of the officers noticed this, they sprang into action because they thought that the man was then getting prepared to jump down to the first floor. Two officers were able to grab a hold of him and get him back to safety before he had a chance to hurt himself.

Once the officers secured him, an ambulance crew came so that they could take him to the hospital. While no physical injuries were reported, the man will likely undergo some psychological testing to try and get to the root of the issues that he is facing.

This is just one incident and the police never said if the man stated why he wanted to end his life. It could have been due to the holiday season, or maybe something else significant happened in his life recently. At this point, the police who came to this man’s rescue are just happy that they were able to get him down safely.

Mental illness and depression and relatively common. While not every person with them will get to a point of contemplating suicide, it is a possible effect with a number of mental illnesses. If you ever feel suicidal, it is important to go to the hospital, call a hotline or immediately reach out to a trusted person. If you suspect that someone else is thinking about it, do not just let it go and ignore the issue.

At this time of year, be especially aware of the people who are around you. Make sure that they know that you care and will be around for them throughout the holidays, as well as beyond this time of year.