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Man Tries To Hold Up Convenience Store With What Cops Call The “Dumbest” Weapon Ever

Florida police have detained a suspect after he assaulted a female convenience store clerk with hot, and slightly spicy, cylinders of meat – in other words, he beat up the clerk with hot dogs. This incident is bizarre, so the Marion County Sheriff’s Offices released the footage to the general public for your viewing pleasure. The strange incident occurred at a Petro Gas Station beyond the border of Gainesville. And in the clip, you see 35-year-old Cavan McDaniel acting his age as he throws hot dogs at the clerk behind the counter.

Witnesses told deputies who responded to the hot dog attack that McDaniel was outraged that the clerk was not selling him any beer. And the victim of the meat-cylinder beating told the police that McDaniel threw the hotdogs at her and also poked her face with the corn dog stick.

Police did their best to keep straight faces.

The gas station’s surveillance camera caught the entire scene on film. And the cops have released it to the public, which has resulted in its going viral. And based on the clip, it is obvious that the clerk’s story is correct. You can see McDaniel getting funky with the hotdogs.

“The victim was left with a red mark under her eye due to the corn dog stick attack,” the police report said.

When the deputies arrived, they arrested McDaniel and charged him with battery-touch or strike and a probation violation.

Because he had violated his probation, he has to stay behind bars in Marion County Jail until his trail.

Inside Edition viewers found the story strange as most of you certainly do. The following are some of their comments on it:

“If I were one of the employees I would just take a bite out of the hotdog if he hit me with it.”

“Another deranged (person). At least he didn’t slaughter a whole bunch of people.”

“With mustard, ketchup, onions, and tomatoes? You don’t put tomatoes on a hotdog, dumb*ss criminal. You forgot the relish.”

“Did she just say ‘Five years old’ not ‘Thirty-Five Year old’ or is it just me.”

“I’m officially done. There can’t be more to live than seeing someone assaulting another with a hot dog.”

“Now this is funny, jabbed in the face with a hot dog? Whatever will these criminals think of next?”

Some viewers had experience with situations like this.

“My friend did the same thing last year. He was throwing bananas at the clerk because he refused to sell him beer.”

“That happened to me and my mom when we went to a store. I (threw) a soda and a hot dog at the cashier because we didn’t have enough money and I just went to my mom.”

The nature of this crime is absurd. But the cause of it is not. McDaniel felt enough rage to assault the clerk because he could not get drunk on beer. Hopefully, he gets help in jail for his alcohol addiction.

What is your reaction to this bizarre surveillance footage?